Sunday, December 28, 2008

Can I Get My Legs Looking Better in 20 Days?

I was trying on bathing suits for my upcoming cruise, and I had the everywoman's meltdown in the dressing room. Of course my stomach looked bad, but it was only surpassed by how bad my legs looked. So fat and unattractive. Ig. My plans to get in shape before my cruise didn't pan out. But I have 20 days. Maybe I can't make my legs look perfect, but maybe I can tighten them up a little. My legs in the past have tightened up pretty quickly. It can't hurt to try. I jumped on my trampoline for 25 minutes today, and I felt good the rest of the day. A good start.

Friday, December 19, 2008

When Will I Be Free of Debt?

Just when I think things are going better with my money, I realize they aren't. Not really. Not much better at any rate. I am out of school and not paying monthly tuition anymore. So I should have a lot of discretionary money and be able to pay off my bills faster. But it just doesn't seem to be happening. And I am not really sure why. All I know is I can't keep doing this. I need to pay off my bills and then save money, etc. I should have done this years ago. It is sad to think how much money I have wasted. I am a little better--at least I am not adding to my debt. But I am not paying it off as fast as I should either.

I would never declare bankruptcy. I just have too much pride for that, and it is not right either. It dogs you forever. I did see a site for debt settlement though that I may investigate.

Debt problems can be so embarrassing, and it can even interfere with your employment and love life. The love life is what I have been worried about. Who wants to marry someone with a poor credit score? Just think of that commercial that has been running about the guy married to the girl with the poor credit score. Anyway, I need to clean my debt up. I am headed in the right direction--I just need to give it some more gas!

IRL Dating Nightmare

I had the world's worst date a week ago. And no it wasn't with an online match. It was with an In Real Life guy that I have known for years. Yes, that is right. That I have known for years. It was so bad in fact, that I am almost ready to hang it up with relationships. And I have never said that before. (I don't really mean this--just venting.) All I know is that I came home from the date and was pretty much immobilzed with depression all night. Just laid on the sofa and could only watch TV. I wasted a whole night because of that jerk. But I felt like I had been beaten up. Just literally of course. But I was astounded at my reaction. I really felt like I had been beaten up. And all I could do is lay on the sofa and not move. By Sunday, I was OK.

I will reveal more of this story later. But the kicker is I have to see this ass again tonight. We are going to the same party, separately of course. I could stay home, but I can't resist the opportunity to let him know how displeased I am. Can I pull it off? I hope so.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Waiting On Car Parts Is No Fun

Back when I had my car wreck a couple of years ago--OK, before I go any further, I will admit that the wreck was my fault. I was lost in law school study fog and didn't see the stopped car in front of me. Well, it was a Saturday, and I had been studying all day. For a thrilling law school subject. Not. Well, anyway, I was driving to meet some friends after a whole day at the grindstone and lost in law school study fog. Then whap! Right into the back of the beat up jalopy in front of me. Of course, his car wasn't hurt at all. Which was actually good for me. I shouldn't complain about that. But my little volkswagen was entirely beaten up. I had to cry. I was not looking out for my wheetle beetle, and I banged her up quite a bit.

The police came and said it was my fault. Of course it was. But I couldn't even drive my car home, and that upset me so much. I was afraid it would be totalled and that would have been a financial nightmare for me. Luckily it could be fixed. But it took so long to get the volkswagen parts. I kept calling the body shop and asking when it would be ready. They said they had to get the parts from Germany. I said, what?? Why??? There are VWs all over the place, and surely you don't have to get parts from Germany?? But apparently they did. One month dragged into two months, and my rental car allowance from the insurance company wouldn't pay for the second month. Luckily, I could borrow a family car for the second month or I would have been up the creek in terms of getting to work. So not being able to get car parts in a timely fashion can have serious consequences. The body shop should have checked out some online parts places. I have looked online, and there are places that had the parts I needed!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Having A Party In A Small Space

I live in a small apartment and also like to entertain, which poses a challenge--I never have enough places for people to sit. Luckily, most people like to stand at a party. This article gave some suggestions on how to entertain in a small space. I will be having a Christmas party, so it caught my attention. One of their best suggestions is to have an open house and stagger the times on your invitations. That makes a lot of sense!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Paradise By The Dashboard Light

Who loves the song "Paradise by the Dashboard Light?" Waves hand. It is musical genius and sung by the terrific Meatloaf. You have to be of a certain age to know and love this song. A wonderful age. When I was in college, this song was one of the rock songs that was played non stop at parties and on road trips. It was great fun.

Not only is it wonderful music, with wonderful voices, but it tells a story. A story that every young person can relate to. The genius of the song is that it compares a sexual encounter with a baseball game, switching back and forth. The people in the song come to their senses....and well the rest is history.

As I mentioned in my comment on this site acobay, I loved the original song, but not the sequel. The sequel implies that the couple in the original song got married......and that it was not good. I wish they had stopped at the first song and let us use our imaginations as to what happened. And to hope that it worked out better than the last line of the original song implied: to the end of time. If you don't know what this means, you just have to listen to the first song. I promise you won't be disappointed.

The acobay site is pretty cool--you can connect with others who like or own certain things. Visit it and maybe you would want to leave your own comment about "Paradise By The Dashboard Light."

Body Beautiful: Live To 100

Ponce de Leon might have had it right: There is a fountain of youth. And it may be no farther than your nearest bottle of red wine. :)
Drinking red wine is more fun than a restricted calorie diet. However, there may be a pill for this soon. Check in out in the article below.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Two Parties Tonight

How come so many activities take place in one night? I am going to two parties tonight, but I could have gone to four. Well, actually three plus a speed dating event. But I am so over speed dating. I am not sure I ever want to do that again.

I am a member of a civic club, and we are having our holiday party tonight at a country club. Fancy schmancy. I am looking forward to it. It will be good food in a pretty environment. It is really raining outside, so it will be a nice comfort place to be.

The second party is a hopping party--the "go to" party of the season. I am happy I was invited. More than 800 people are invited, and only about half will come, but that is a ton of people! The problem is by the time I get there, a lot of people I know will have already left. Oh well, the price of a social life.

More later when I tell you about a sitch with an IRL guy.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Making Choices That Make Us Happy

Good quote from this article I found online today:

"If there were choices you could make that would make life better, wouldn’t you make them? It sure seems so, but that’s not what most people do. And that really sucks because choosing is what allows you to live the life you want to live, not only in the big decisions, but in every moment of every day."

I agree wholeheartedly with that and try very hard to make good decisions in my life, because I don't like regrets. But the above quote fits in with my theory that many people do not make good marriage decisions. They end up marrying someone because they are just there at the right time, etc. No effort to find the right person. And then so many years of heartache. But of course you could apply the above quote to any aspect of your life. Good article about living the life you want.

Christmas Presents To Myself

I am not a financial genius and have the debt and credit score to show it. But I have been good lately about not spending a lot of money and not adding to my debt. I did have to get myself a Christmas present last night. I had seen a Kmart ad for 1/8 carat diamond earrings on sale. Normally priced at $99, they were on sale for $29.99. I couldn't resist. Granted, they are very tiny diamonds. But pretty nonetheless. I need some diamond earrings, even if they are little. I also bought myself a set of Joe Boxer pajamas. I don't know what it is--studying for the bar or what have you--but I really feel like hibernating these days in my pajamas. But now when I wear my PJs, I can also wear my pretty little diamond earrings!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Body Beautiful--Tweeze Your Brows

I went to a fancy smancy charity ball this past weekend. I didn't have to buy any clothes, and I didn't have to pay to attend the event either, so my total cost to attend was $4. A $2 tip for the valet parking and a $2 tip for the coat check. Can't beat that! And it was lovely. Before I went, I thought I better tweeze my brows. That is something I let go sometimes. I forget to do it, and then I never find time to do it. But for an event like this, you have to tweeze your brows. My goodness how much better I looked! I had almost forgotten. Law school has really gotten in the way of my beauty routine. I will make an effort to do this for sure from now on.

Monday, December 1, 2008

I Haven't Signed Into Match.Com For Weeks

I really haven't even looked at the site. I have gotten a few emails here and there saying that someone has emailed me or thus and such. Something tells me I haven't missed much. Not that I don't want to get back to online dating. It is just that I tried to still date while I was studying for the bar last summer, and I became too distracted with that and other things and did not pass. So I can't do that again. At least this time, I am not even tempted to renew my membership right now. It can wait until after Feb.and then I might even join some other sites.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Fascination With Mickey Rourke

I remember years ago when a co-worker and I talked about how sexy Mickey Rourke was. Sexy in almost a creepy way. If you don't know what I mean, watch Six and a Half Weeks. Yowzer.

But now, it seems like Rourke would be anything but sexy. I never understood why he left his acting career to become a boxer. Wierd! But I have heard that he was too difficult to work with as an actor. Then, I guess his face was beaten up with boxing, in addition to aging. Apparently he had some bad plastic surgery, which he denies. But whatever, he just looks bad. But it is hard to turn away--like it is hard not to look at a car wreck. But there is still something very compelling about Mickey Rourke. I just can't name what it is.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Body Beautiful: Keep Your Figure and Style

I read an article online the other day that talked about the two things men care most about their dates: As you get older, keep your figure and style. The article said that men care more about this than weight or wrinkles. I can see that, but I have trouble thinking that men don't care about all of it. But I have read in various places that men like thin women, and that is more important to be thin than pretty. Again, I feel that men want it all. I have an advantage in that men do think I am attractive. I just don't always keep in shape like I should. But I am working on that now.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hydroderm Finally Comes Through!

About six months ago, I feel victim to one of those emails that offered me a free trial of Hydroderm. I had heard about it, and I am always looking for good skincare products, so I clicked on the email. Just as I was about to click off, an online chat window popped up with a live attendant.

Don't you want this product, she asked? Yes, I did, I said, but you have to answer some questions first. Like, are you going to charge me anything during the free trial? Do I get to keep the product even if I cancel?

We went a couple of rounds, and she didn't answer the questions. Finally, she typed abruptly: People really like this product. I succumbed and signed up for the free trial. I got my package about a week later and started using it. It actually is a really great product. I could see the difference in my skin. Even some people at law school told me my skin was really looking good, and they didn't know I was using the product.

All went well--I was shelling out my $69.99 every two months, and then suddenly the product stopped coming. At least they weren't charging me for it. I kept calling the 800 number and had to wait each time more than 30 minutes to talk with a representative. They said their system was down. This went on for weeks! I finally called last week and told them to cancel my subscription. Even though I loved the product, I wanted out of their database, so I could try to find it elsewhere. They said OK.

Well, low and behold, I got home yesterday, and there was the package outside my door. So my skin will still be beautiful. I am happy now.

Obesity Is a Killer

I have 3 friends who are morbidly obese. I probably have more, but there are three I am thinking about. They are not bedridden or anything, like those people you see on TV who can't leave their homes. But they are in that place where if they are not careful, they could end up that way too. I feel so bad for them. I know it must feel hopeless to have that much weight on you. And anything you try doesn't work much. I know they could try obesity surgery. It seems like a great option. At least one of these friends has looked into it, but her insurance wouldn't cover it. Maybe the new administration can help with making insurance better for situations like this.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Body Beautiful: Vanderbilt University Says Laughing Helps Burn Calories

I was reading today when I saw an interesting tidbit: My alma mater Vanderbilt University says that adding laughter to whatever activity you are doing will burn 20 percent more calories. Make me smile!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Haven't Heard From Latest Chemistry Guy

The latest guy I met on chemistry wrote me back and said that he had a good time with me and wanted to see me again. Which was very nice and surprising. I liked him, but didn't think we had that much chemistry, but I would certainly be interested in seeing him again. I wrote back and said I would like to get together again too. He sent me his phone number again. I wrote back after a day and said I would love to get together or talk. Haven't heard anything. Surely he would get the message that I want him to call me???? He seems awfully busy with his new job. So I am not hopeful at this point.

Made Up With My Message Board

Ok, so my being banned was just a glitch. Nothing personal. I have forgiven them, and I am back on board. They didn't even know I was mad at them.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Message Board Girls are Cows Not CUAOS

Remember the message board I was breaking up with? Well, I didn't break up with them. I decided to give them a second chance. I never like to burn bridges when I don't have to. Well, the nice girls decided to ban me off their board! And for what reason? There was no reason. Beyotches! The funny thing is, it is a relief. They are BORING! They don't really seem interested in what I am saying. (Their loss!) And they think they are so clever. Not! Actually, I am not interested in what they are saying either. They are not CUAOs. Rules Girls know what this means. They are cows. Big dumb ones.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Vacationing in Mexico!

I hope to be vacationing in Mexico soon. I am planning a cruise there in January. Can't wait!!!! Speaking of Mexico, I recently heard of Hector Kabande, who is the son of José Encarnación Kabande Dabdub, who founded the upscale Hotel Lucerna chain. I looked at their website. Wow. What great hotels. I will be on a cruise to Mexico, but wish I could stay in one of their hotels. The company, Grupo Lucerna, has hotels in Mexicali, Tijuana, Juarez, Culiacan, and Hermosillo. It remains a family business, with Hector as an executive and a member of the board of directors of the group, and his mother as president of the company and also on the board. They did themselves proud!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gentlemen Prefer Brunettes

AOL had an article online today about a study that shows that men prefer women with long, thick, and brown hair Yay! That is me! The article says that the info runs counter to the thought in our culture that gentlemen prefer blondes. But in the study, men were shown the same face with different hairstyles and they chose women with long, thick, and brown hair. Seems like that signals fertility. Women too prefer this hairstyle. Brunette power!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Howard Stern Remarries

I am not proud of this, but I used to watch Howard Stern. Back when he was on the E! Channel. I would never pay for that tripe. It was so low brow. It embarrassed me that sometimes I couldn't turn away--like a car wreck. I didn't mind the awful things he would say and do to women so much, even though that was bad. I did mind him making fun of retarded people. How low can you go? I have no idea what his show is like now--probably more of the same. I saw in the news where he just got remarried. This I have to see, I told myself and clicked on the link to see the lucky woman. She is actually pretty. And looks nice. She better have a good sense of humor. And lots of tolerance.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Nfocus On My Beijo Bag!

My wonderful little Beijo bag needs a facelift or at least some TLC. For those who don't know, Beijo bags are pricey, but stylish little things. Or big things if you get a bigger style. They are made of wonderful shiny material with cool colors. They stand out.

My zipper on my bag has needed to be fixed for some time, but I just haven't had a chance to take it by a shoe repair shop.

Well over the weekend, I set my bag down on my kitchen table like I always do, and then came back later to pick it up. To my dismay, there was ink on my bag. And to top it off, not just ink, but a definite impression of a face from the cover of the latest Nfocus magazine! I just about died! Now, I love Nfocus, but not enough to have a photo of some chick from the cover whom I don't even know! At least it should be my photo transferred to my pricey bag!

I know nothing about cleaning materials, but am making up for lost time. I perused the cleaning aisle at the grocery store last night and found only one stain remover that said it worked on ink. I held my breath and used a little to wipe my purse. Be gone! And it was. No more debut face on my purse. And I am happy. Thank goodness for stain removers.

Monday, September 29, 2008

My Grandma's Phone Number

I had a small scare tonight. Not a bad scare, not even a scare by many people's standards. I was going through some papers in my never ending effort to straighten up my condo, and I found a copy of my grandma's phone list that she had kept by her phone. Of course, my name was on there. I enjoyed reading down through the list, and then I had a small start. I couldn't remember my grandma's number. Of course her number was not on that list. I had a feeling of anxiety. For some reason, I needed to remember that number. I can't call her anymore, but I need to know it. But how would I remember it? I could remember the area code and prefix of course, but it was the last four digits that slipped my mind. I would feel terrible if I couldn't remember it. For some reason, small details like that are important to me. Then I felt a sense of relief as I saw an old phone bill in the same pile of papers. Of course on that bill was one of the last phone calls I had made to my grandma in 2003, and there was her number. What a relief.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Reunion--A Reason to Lose Weight

I discovered I have another reason to lose weight quickly--a reunion. That word both thrills and dismays me. Thrilling because it is a reunion of my college newspaper, and boy were we cool people and I would love to see them again--but scary because I am not the cute chick they remember. Of course none of us are, but still. But I can be a little cuter by cutting calories and exercising IMMEDIATELY! I am starting today.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Maybe I'll Start Eating Better Tomorrow

I went to the grocery store this afternoon and got some good healthy food for a change. I bought vanilla low-fat yogurt, raspberries and blueberries, and granola cereal. I will mix up a concoction of this tomorrow. Yum, I can't wait. I need to eat better. Slacker. Oh by the way, I also bought some Little Debbies. But I will control myself.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Coffee Date With Chemistry Guy

I had coffee last night at Starbucks with Chemistry Guy. No chemistry, at least on my part. He has a neat job in criminal forensics, and we had a great coversation about it. I could listen to him all night talk about it. But unfortunately, no chemistry. When oh when is it going to happen? Soon, I am sure.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Body Beautiful: Eating Right on the Run

I promised myself that when I finished law school, I would start eating and sleeping right again. Well, I am sort of doing that. I am getting 6 hours of sleep a night instead of 5, and maybe I am eating better. I MUST DO BETTER! I am still staying up too late and falling asleep on the sofa, and then getting up in the middle of the night and moving to my bed. Old habits die hard. I am eating better, but not consistently. (And we won't even talk about exercising yet.) I have found one thing that helps on days that I eat on the run: V8 Infusion. It is a full day's worth of vegetables and fruit, with some antioxidants mixed in. It comes in a couple of fruit flavors. Who can beat this? Not me, when I don't have time to eat right.

Heard Back From One Chemistry Guy almost tripped me up. Like all other dating sites, when someone emails you through the site, they in turn email your private address to let you know. A nice looking man had indicated he was interested in me, and we went through the song and dance of answering all the questions and such. Then I never heard from him. I wondered if it was because our answers were pretty different. I don't mind that, but I wondered if he did. After all, we are supposed to be compatible, right? Well I just thought he was yet another one who didn't follow through. Well, lo and behold, I logged onto the site today, didn't see any indication I had gotten a new email, but clicked on the link for email anyway. And I found an email from him! Glad I looked. He had emailed almost a week ago. Maybe we will get a chance to meet.

Nothing From Notice Guy

I have heard nada from the guy on Chemistry who "noticed me." What does that mean anyway? I have never really known, and I can't find a good explanation on their website. It makes me not want to respond, however, the next time someone "notices" me on there. Why put yourself out there when the guy can't step up to the plate and you are not sure he is interested anyway?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Speaking of Chemistry

Some guy "noticed" me on I am not really sure what that means. That he likes my picture but is too hesitant to actually step up and say he is "interested" instead? That doesn't sound good, but hey, maybe he is hesitant. Who knows who he is? He doesn't have a photo up. His credentials sound good, so I indicated I was interested. I think I may know who he is by his description. He gave too much away, and it could only really be him. At least I think so. But if it is this guy, he is much older, much older than what he says he on his profile. Oh dear. Well maybe it is really someone else who sounds like him. Doubtful though.

I Need To Spiff Up My Chemistry Answers!

I need a tutorial for writing answers to questions on chemistry. com. Seriously. The last three guys who have contacted me have stalled out in the "question" phase. That is awful! I guess I sound too serious or something. Like I am talking with a friend rather than a love interest. That is all I can figure out. Should I be more flirtacious? Coy? Comehither? I would love hints from anyone who may have some feedback. I am just not sure it is me to do that. But I need to at leasst get to the meeting part!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Political Candidate Sparking the War in Georgia? Surely You Jest (Not)

I couldn't believe it when I heard the news today about Putin saying that one of the U.S. political candidates for president had something to do with the war in Georgia. Or should I say, the machines behind the political candidates. Now, I wonder which one it could be. Thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking.........thinking some more. I know--the republicans! They want to scare people into voting for a conservative. You know that having a another conservative in the White House, plus all the baggage that comes with it, is the only way we can be safe. Now I hope you know that I am kidding about that only a conservative can make us safe. I am not kidding about a conservative being behind the war in Georgia. I find that truly believable. They are that manipulative and that desperate.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Auto Body Shops

I know I have had my share of fender benders (and one really bad wreck) and had to make the rounds of auto body shops to get estimates. Most of my car damage occurred on campus when the students would just willy nilly bump into my car in the parking garage. I don't know how many times I had to call parents, who were always willing to get my car repaired without notifying their insurance companies. Trying to track down body shops and going to get estimates would be time consuming. Now I know if I need to do that again, there is a more efficient way to track down and contact shops.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

John Edwards' Affair

I am really saddened by John Edwards' affair. Not only was it unwise, but it was hurtful to his family. I am sure he is just as troubled by it. He wouldn't feel good about himself cheating on his dying wife. But it is not OK. What is almost worse is Rush Limbaugh's comments about it: He practically said that it was Elizabeth Edwards fault because she talks too much. What a jerk.

I Love Discussion Forums

I have gotten a lot of delight from online discussion forums. I am a regular member of my law school one, and I have frequented other law school sites. Also, I am a member of a couple of dating forums, blogging forums, and in the past have been a member of a couple of disease forums. There is a forum for everything! Not only can you ask questions, you can get support from like minded people, and share your story to people from all over the world 24/7. How cool is that?

A friend and I are going to start an informational website, and I mentioned to her that I would like it to include a forum. I want to find a company that offers Free Forum Hosting. Finding out this information would be helpful, as my friend and I will get together again in about another week to start talking about some of the details for the website.

Body Beautiful: No Detox Diets

I have done the Hollywood 48 diet a couple of times. It does work. I have lost some pounds, although maybe not as many as 10 during 48 as what they publicize. It is a hassle to do--nothing to eat or drink for 48 hours except for their juice mixture and as much water as you can stand. Each time it did make me feel better afterwards and did jumpstart my dieting. I was thinking about doing it again, as I desperately need to get in shape. But I read an article online yesterday about the dangers of detox diets. Hair loss, brain damage, etc. I guess this probably can happen with diets that last longer than 48 hours, but now I am a little leery about even 48 hours. All I know is that I need to start exercising and watching what I eat. Maybe tonight.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cool Glasses Frames. And Inexpensive Too!

I prefer to wear contacts, because I don't think I look good in glasses. But I do have to say the styles today are much more attractive than they used to be. Another problem is though how expensive frames are. I need to go to the eye doctor later this year and will want to get some new frames. I was looking at some designs on Maybe I'll be able to find some that look good on me.

Newest OLD Guy a Washout?

I had high hopes for the latest guy who contacted me off match. He seems nice enough, and I like his looks. In his email, he called me "pretty lady." So what is the problem? He wanted to talk on the phone before meeting, so I sent him my cell phone number. He called once and didn't leave a message. Very disappointing.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Practical Boots

I am not a big boot wearer, but I have been in situations where you really need to wear boots. One is on strenuous hikes. I have spent a lot of time in the Smoky Mountains, and many of the trails there are paved, and you can wear just about any shoes on those paths.
But it wasn't till I started doing more strenuous hikes--the Mount LeConte hike in particular--that I discovered the necessity of wearing hiking boots. It was at that point I realized you need almost work boots to protect your feet from stones and rocks on the trail. Otherwise, the bottoms of your feet can get bruised. I bought some good boots before the first of my two hikes up that mountain, and I was so glad. My feet were fine after the journeys. One funny moment was on one of the trips up, we met a woman wearing sandals, and she asked if we thought she could hike up in those. We said, gosh no! You wouldn't make it very far. You don't want to have to walk in your barefeet when your sandals break!

In the Twilight Zone

It is Fourth of July weekend, and that means the annual Twilight Zone marathon on the scifi channel. I try to catch some of it every year. It is on until 4 a.m. tomorrow morning. That is good, as that will help me stay up to study for the bar exam. I can study with the TV on, that helps me study. Wierd, I know. But I would get bored if the TV were not on. After all these years, I am surprised that I still see episodes I have not seen before. One of the neat things about the show is that, since it first aired in the early 1960s, you see stars when they were very young. For instance, Sidney Pollack is in the episode I am watching now. I would have never recognized him! It is fun to see stars in this show when they were young, and the plot lines are so interesting, and many offer a moral tale. Like what your life could be like taken to the extremes.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Menstrual Stem Cell Research

I really love science. In another life, I could have been a science nerd. Some of my favorite writing assignments have involved doctors or researchers. I was always amazed at their insights and breakthroughs. It really revved me up.

I wish I were still in science writing, because stem cell research would provide many writing opportunities. Stem cell research is so exciting and holds such promise for the future. It really holds a key to a cure for some of the major diseases. Who knows where they will discover the next cure? Well, a start is in the menstrual blood. Yes, that is right, the menstrual blood. Who would have thought?

But think about it--menstrual blood contains cell renewing stem cells, and it certainly can be collected easily. It can also be processed and stored for potential therapies that emerge in the future. It is thought that it may well help future therapies for diseases such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease, as well as anti-aging, burns, and wounds. You can start collecting menstrual blood now and have it preserved for the future for these purposes. The stem cells are a perfect match for the donor and may also match first degree relatives. What a comforting idea. None of us knows what the future holds, but an easy way to combat serious illness like this sounds good in my book.

Heartbreak or Happiness?

I don't know what to think. My fav online guy of all time is back in my life sort of. He is emailing me again and says he is moving back. Our chemistry was the best--which is unusual for me. Sparks were flying. He is smart, cute, accomplished. Everything I like. Except dependable and uninterested, apparently, in a real relationship with me. But is he just older and wiser? Does he realize that I am his prize? That would be nice. I am afraid to give my heart to him again. But he does make me feel good. Can I make it into more of a friendship with him? Life is hard sometimes.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Glowing Skin

I am all about trying to look good and take care of myself. Well, I better qualify that. I am all about that, when I am not in law school or studying for the bar. Which means I have not paid as much attention to my looks in the last four years as I should. But how can you, when you are running for wor to school all the time? I do have to say that my skin looks good. I do use good products. A friend of mine has great looking skin too. She gets thermage treatments. That is something I might want to look into sometime.

A Chemistry No-Show?

There was a potential lobster on Chemistry who started the process with me. He got the ball rolling, saying he was interested in me. Then we went through the process: essentials, the short questions. Then nothing. Is he waiting on me to send the first email? I will not do that. I am disappointed though, because I thought he seemed nice and attractive. Did he not like my short answers to his questions???? This is really annoying.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Body Work

No, I am not talking about plastic surgery! I had a bad wreck about two years ago and beat up my adorable auto. I found a good body shop, and my wittle car looks as good as new. When you have a wreck as bad as mine (thank goodness for seatbelts, or I might not be here right now) you want an expert to repair your car. You don't want to take a chance with your vehicle or your safety. Take it from me. I know! My car looks good as new, and I feel safe driving it.

More Dating

Where was I with my dating saga? Oh yes, the two dates in successive weekends. Well, the first one went bust when he told me he was developing a genuine connection with someone else he met online. OK.....I guess.

I liked him better than the second one, and thought I had more in common with him. But, I guess it is not in the cards.

The second one works in the same industry I do, so I thought that was good. But then, we barely talked about it, and he kept wanting to put down the industry that I was in before. That really ticked me off. I felt like I had to defend what I did previously, and I don't like that position.

But that is really OK. I don't think he has the same energy level I do. I am high energy. He doesn't seem to do a lot. And that is really OK too, but coupled with his conservativism, or at least what seems like his conservatism, it is not a good fit.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good Cooking Aid

After I am done with law school, there are many activities I want to undertake again, including cooking. I am a pretty good cook, even though I am still pretty much a newbie. I love to cook for parties and for dinner parties, and of course there has been no time for that. When I am done with school, I am going to get my place back up to snuff, and then I am going to start entertaining again. I can't wait. It will be so much fun. I will need to find new recipes, or at least dig out my dusty old cookbooks. I will try to entertain fairly often like I used to. I will also need some new kitchen utensils and cookware. I also need to buy some things I have never had, such as a cooking thermometer and a digital kitchen scale. Things like that make cooking so much easier and precise! That link will take you to some great kitchen scales that come in every color imaginable--even purple and orange! And they are very reasonably priced.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dating Update

So much has happened in the last week--Obama is the dem nominee, bar review is continuing, and I have had a couple of DZs, or date zeros.

Although, I am not sure much has changed there. I'll talk about the first one in this post and the other one in a later post.

I had high hopes for the first one. He works at the same large place that I used to (we did not know each other there) and we have much in common. We had a mix up in day--we discussed meeting both sat and sun, and when the conversation was over, I thought we were meeting on sun and he thought sat. So, he called me on sat, after he arrived at the restaurant, and we quickly realized our mistake. So we went the next day.

He was nice and I could see myself liking him. I would like to have him as a friend even if it didn't work out romantically. He picked up the check, walked me to my car, but then said something about wanting to talk on down the road after the bar exam. I thought that sounded like he wasn't interested. I decided to wait a week and then email him to see if he might want to meet for a glass of wine in the next couple of weeks, in my effort to be friends instead.

He wrote back and said not right now because he thinks he is making a connection with someone else he met online. My first reaction is that this is a rejection---after talking with someone about it, I see that it is wrong to see it as a rejection. He may in fact want to be friends. When it comes to dating, I tend to see things through a defeated filter when I don't need to. I am better than I used to be, but I still need to do some work in this area.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Survey for Health Care Executives

There is hardly a more pressing concern today than improving the U.S. health care system. What once was the flagship health care system in the world has steadily been losing ground. Not only is it expensive and inefficient, but patient satisfaction is at an all time low. The mistakes that have been tolerated in the health care field would never be tolerated in any other industry, and it is time to change direction.

Luckily, there are health care executives out there who are interested in helping to fix the problem. They want to increase patient safety, decrease mistakes and costs, and provide better training and engagement for their staff--all going to the betterment of patient care and decreasing the attendant costs.

Development Dimensions International is offering a survey for health care executives to see what their concerns and priorites are for the coming months. DDI will randomly pick one of the survey participants to win an Ipod nano. Sounds like a great deal to me!
To take the survey, click here.

Blogging Too Many Intimate Details?

I love blogging. I have been a writer for years so it comes naturally to me. I love blogging about whatever occurs to me, and I love paid blogging, because as a professional writer, I love getting assignments and figuring out ways to be creative in fulfilling the assignment.

So, I was interested in reading the article in the New York Times Magazine last Sunday about Emily Gould and her blogging life. Apparently she is a professional gossip and worked at Gawker and some other places. She also blogged about her own life, as many of us do, but I guess she identified herself and her friends a little too clearly, and it backfired on her. The article referred to it as blogging about too many intimate details. She started getting too many rude comments and some such thing like that. I have to admit that I didn't think the excerpts from her blog that the Times published were all that bad. I am not sure what that says about me, but I really thought they were quite tame. Not sure what all the fuss was about. Of course I haven't read her actual blogs or other articles, and maybe that is were the problem lies. I do think you have to be careful with what you write on the Internet. Maybe it just got out of control for her.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Where to Go in the UK?

If I were heading out on a last minute trip to the United Kingdom, where would I want to go? If I were still dating Gerry, I guess I would go the Bath and Bristol area. That would have been so much fun.....but, that is not the case, so scratch those off the list.

I would definitely want to go back to London--see some plays, eat great food, soak it all up--but I would want to see the rest of the country too. London is the only place I have been in the U.K, so I would want to broaden my horizons. I probably would fly into London, however, and either rent a car, or more likely, take a train to other cities. To me, that is always fun.

On my list to see would be Birmingham and Manchester, Cambridge and Oxford, and definitely the some small towns and villages in the countryside. I wouldn't mind seeing Stonehenge.

And I wouldn't limit myself to England. I know Wales is lovely--some college friends of mine spent a semester there. That was the first time I had ever heard of someone doing that. I was so amazed at their ingenuity, and I was also so jealous! What a great experience they had there. And Scotland, of course. I am a Scot, so I would have to discover the old "homeland." I would like nothing better. I would go search for the town where our family is from and go see Edinburgh University, where an ancestor went to medical school. That would be so meaningful. And to cap off the trip, I would go to northern Ireland. I am also part Irish, so that would be fitting. I have heard the Irish make you feel very welcome. I thought I was going to be able to go to Scotland last summer, but the trip fell through. I know I will go soon though.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Fun Weekend

I had my "breather" weekend between the end of school and the beginning of bar study. OK, that is not technically correct. We don't graduate until Saturday, and bar review has already started. But the bulk of it hasn't started yet. So this weekend was it. I got my stimulus check on Friday so I treated myself to a manicure and pedicure. I went to the country for a girls night out in a beautiful farm house. And I actually had time to clean up my condo some. Mama Mia!

Paint Warfare

Call me nuts, but I have always wanted to play paintball. Now that wouldn't be wierd if I weren't a woman of my age. But I am, and I do want to play paintball. Talking my friends into playing it with me might be a trick though.

I did some research on paintball, and found out a few facts: that paintballs were created in the 1970s as a way to mark trees or cattle, and the first games were not played until two decades later. You must wear protective goggles.The game has been criticized by some as trivializing and promoting warfare, but it is actually a safe sport, and supporters say it promotes teamwork, sportsmanship, professionalism, and camaraderie.

In a game of paintball, you eliminate players by hitting them with a paintball that leaves them visibly marked with paint. What would happen if the players wore tie-dye outfits, and no one knew when someone was hit by a paintball?

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Human Rights Day

I am glad bloggers are uniting today on this issue. Human rights is an area I want to get more involved in down the road. When I think of countries like China and it's negative involvement with Tibet, and all of the human rights problems in Africa, and the recent problem with the cyclone in Myanmar and their government not facilitating the aid, it makes me cringe. What people on this planet have had to put up with is beyond belief. I don't think we in America can comprehend it. But as much as we Americans complain about other countries' poor human rights policies, we are not great with human rights either. As long as we have the death penalty, we will be a human rights violator.

Safe Weight Loss

Weight today is such a problem. Seems like too many people are too thin or too heavy. In my bar review class the other day, the instructor told us to take care of ourselves. A person in her law class gained 40 pounds while studying for the bar. All he did was eat and study. He had to wear sweats to the test, because he couldn't fit into anything else. Ouch. I do not want to do that! For those who are extremely heavy, lap band surgery may be a safe alternative to other kinds of surgeries.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Harrie Carrie

I am really looking forward to the Sex and the City movie coming out later this month. I got a late start in watching it--didn't become a follower until about the 3rd season, but then lapped it up and even rented the prior seasons at Blockbuster. I was sad to see it go and can't wait to see the newest installment. I hope Carrie and Big are still together. One thing though I think is wierd is how people pick on Sarah Jessica Parker. First, that men's magazine voted her the unsexiest woman, or something like that. Then today, there was an article online about how veiny her hands are, with a picture and all. What is it about her that makes people pick on her like that? She's no different than a lot of other actresses. What gives?

Monday, May 12, 2008

111 Posts

I just noticed when I logged on that I had 111 posts. That is lucky, according to The Secret. (1111 may be luckier--I am not sure.) When you notice such numbers, it means the angels are looking at you. I am not saying this right, but I find it lovely. When you notice such numbers, it is as if a snapshot is being taken of your life. So what you are hoping for, you will get. Like attracts like. The Laws of Attraction.

Here is what I am attracting at this moment:

I and my family have great health.
My love is making his way towards me.
The love of my life is coming towards me and we will marry.
I have more money than I need.
My life is full of abundance.
I am going to pass the bar exam with flying colors.
The law profession will find me a valuable asset to its ranks.
I have more friends than I need and I am never lonely.
I continually attract interesting people into my life.
I have an interesting life.
People want to know me.

New Media Expo

I am so bummed that I won't be able to attend the 4th Annual New Media Expo 2008. I am really getting into this blogging, and I would love to meet other bloggers and online media experts. Not only would it be beneficial for me for my blogging, but it would also be beneficial for my company. Part of my job is marketing, and I might pick up some good ideas for that there as well. It is being held at the Las Vegas Convention Center on Aug. 14-16. Even though that is after my bar exam, I still won't be able to go because of lack of funds. Too much of a money drain to the bar review and bar exam. But I want to go next year. The Expo information says they will offer hands on, practical sessions on how to produce lively content, draw a loyal audience and monetize in creative ways. Not only can individuals benefit from the knowledge, but also corporate marketers, educators, and media buyers and PR and advertising firms. The cutting edge. Boy, could I benefit from that. But I will have to wait until next year.

Boosting Metabolism

Speaking of needing to lose weight, I also need to boost my metabolism. AOL had a neat article today about how to do that. I won't list all the ways, but have included the link below. Two of the easiest seem to be drink more cold water and also drink milk. Something about a reduction of calcium can reduce your metabolism. I really like to drink milk, so that is not an issue for me. Strange that an adult likes to drink milk so much, but I can down a couple of glasses quickly particularly with dinner. Also, it said that a second cocktail can reduce metabolism. More evidence as to why drinking only one drink is better for you!

Cute Clothes for When You Are Pregnant or Just Look Like You Are!

I hope no one thinks I am pregnant. I have gained weight in law school, so I guess there is always that risk. I just finished off half a (small) jar of peanut butter while studying for my last test. That does not help with the weight. It is just easier to eat peanut butter than to fix some other kind of breakfast. If I can much more weight, I might need maternity clothes. All kidding aside, if I were pregnant, I would want to get some trendy, fashionable, cute maternity clothes. I see too many pregnant women wearing dreadful, outdated outfits. I am sure it is because of money, but it might also be because they don't know where to find cute maternity clothes.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Worst Dating Shows

MSN had an article today that they titled "Crock of Love." Guess which show they were aiming that at? The article was good, capsuling some of the dating shows past and present that they think were bad. Included of course were Rock of Love and The Bachelor, two that I really like. They also talked about The Newlywed Game and The Dating Game, calling the latter very tame by today's standards. I guess so. The man or woman asking the questions and picking the date didn't even get to see the person before choosing them. One show they left off was Love Connection. Does that mean they think that was a good one? I thought so.

More Writing Opportunities

I have to admit that after I left my long and wonderful writing and editing career to go into business, and to also go into law school, guess what still really jazzes me up? Writing! Even more than law. Or business. I guess it is my calling after all. But no matter what I do, I will always be a writer and an editor.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Blogging Life

I really love blogging and journaling my observations. I wish I had more time to read other blogs and participate in the blogging community. I will once I get out of school. I would even like to go to one of the blogging conferences! Bloggers definitely add to the world of information, as we can inform others and exchange info with people going through similar experiences. And some have gotten quite good at it and have received much deserved recognition.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

I Won the Pot

I went to a Derby party today and won the pot! That was lucky, since I didn't even know who Big Brown was. And I can use the extra money. That was so sad about the horse that had to be put down. I don't know all the details yet. Sounds wierd. I really like the Derby and have been several times. I would like to go again sometime soon.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Know Who's Calling

One bad thing about online dating is the amount of phone numbers you amass. Many people want to talk on the phone, even before meeting you. (This is not my preference. I like to meet first.) But you end up with all of these phone numbers. And they have yours. Granted, most of them fall off, and you never hear from them again. But it is unsettling that strangers have your number. It used to be that you could not look up cell phone numbers, but that is not the case anymore. Reverse Phone Lookups will let you plug in a phone number and see who is registered to that number. That is so great! Now, rather than ignoring a call just because I don't know who called, or having to call that number back to find out, I can do a reverse phone lookup. And you can also sign up for the National No Call Registry. I have done that and am enjoying the peace and quiet. Nothing worse than getting a sales call at an inopportune time. And most times are inopportune times.

Surprising Insight from Date

On my DZ the other night, I did hear some surprising news. Well, I guess it is not surprising--I have heard it before. But I am always surprised when I hear it again. My date asked me how I liked match. I am never sure how to take that comment. Maybe it is just chit-chat. I usually don't ask the question myself unless I know the date is going nowhere. So, I didn't really mind when he asked me--again I guess because I felt it was going nowhere. I told him my usual--that I was glad it was there, because it let me meet people I would normally not meet. But most of them are not "matches." He told me the women he meets are so forward and seem to be sex starved or something. That they will actually say, "yes, I would do you," to him. I asked him if they are normal looking women or sleazeballs. He said normal. And that he didn't like that--he couldn't get over that many were that way. That was not what he was looking for. Good for him. But I am shocked about the women. Really.

Good Computer Hosting Essential

When you are a non-techie like me, you rely on those who are techies to help you through the rough spots. With this blog, I don't have to worry about hosting, because blogger does it for me. However, a friend and I are talking about starting a Website this summer that will make money for us. We will combine our two sets of expertise in a Website that can be of use to people. So with that one, we will want to have a class A design, have all kinds of pages and links, and probably keep adding to it as we discover more benefits we can provide our readers. That is going to be a case where we will need a good Web host. You want a Web host that is on top of things, so that the server isn't always down, or that you don't get your email, etc. That would be the death of a Website! If someone comes to your site, and it is not there, or you don't answer their inquires, they probably will not return.

Had Another Date Zero

I met another guy off match the other night. Nice enough guy, but very northern. Not that that matters--I am northern too. ButuknowhudImean.
We met for a nice dinner, and he has good manners (except that he interrupts all of the time). But at least he apologized (repeatedly) for doing that. I don't think it is a match--not professionally or otherwise. He might be OK for a friend, but not sure. He asked if he could call me again, and I said yes. I will see what happens.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Fun Camping Stuff

I am not a big camper, but I have enjoyed my more rugged weekends in the past. A couple of trips up Mt. LeConte in the Smoky Mountains, for example. Once up there, we stayed in cabins, so it was not sleeping under the stars. But hey, it was rigorous getting there, and for me it was back to nature. When you are doing a lot of camping or hiking in the woods, it is important to be prepared. I found a Website that has some great looking compasses and some heavy duty tactical flashlights. And a number of knives that could be helpful. A knife might get you out of some tough spots out in the wild.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rebate Checks Coming Earlier Than Expected

I read yesterday that the rebate checks will start appearing in people's checking accounts through direct deposit next week. That is good news indeed. I know that everyone is wondering what to do with their rebate money. I won't be doing anything exciting with mine, but it comes at a good time when my money is still tight from having to pay for all of the bar reviews and bar application fees. The money will help tide me over when I am not working this summer when studying for the bar. Well, maybe I will spend a little of it on a manicure!

Body Beautiful #8--Trimming Body Fat

While watching the marathon in my neighborhood this morning, I was reminded again about how i am not exercising. I have done several marathons myself and loved them. I loved the workouts, the exercise, and the camaraderie that comes with doing the race. While in law school, I just haven't had time to exercise, let along do a marathon. I found a body fat monitor today that may help me once I get back in exercise mode. I want to be buff again!

Need New Batteries

Since I record all of my law classes, it is not a surprise I go through a lot of batteries. I like to have several extras with me, because there have been a number of times that I have run out of juice during a class. Not only does my recorder start beeping, but I lose part of the lecture. And anymore, I am very dependant on being able to hear that info again. I recently read a post that talks about the advantages of rechargable batteries, and how after your initial investment, they are almost free. I guess it would be better for the environment too. Worth looking into.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Facial Destiny

I took a quiz the other day where you were supposed to pick out which man is interested in just a fling and which one is interested in a relationship just by looking at photos of their faces. You could also do the same with pictures of women. I guessed the one with women right. But not the one with the men. Isn't that wierd? Is that my problem? I can't tell which men are which? They said the men with the more masculine features would be more interested in just a fling. Well, duh, I guess. But the photos in the quiz were of the same man--just one was slightly machoed up a little. But not enough for me to really tell which one was the more masculine. Maybe my radar is off a little on that one? And is that why I attract the wrong type? The gist of the article, however, was that those who were more attractive, of either gender, had more chances at flings. Never would have guessed that!

Friday, April 18, 2008


Don't tell anyone, but I am getting a crush on one of my law teachers. He is a judge. I don't know what has come over me. It didn't hit me at first, but now I think he is hot. Wish he weren't married. I think he would be a great to be around.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Body Beautiful #9--Dash Diet

Well the dash diet appears to be more of a heart healthy diet, but a diet that is good for your health is probably also good for your looks. today ran an article about the diet and how women who follow such a diet have a lot fewer heart attacks and strokes. I am not quite to the point where I am worried about these problems, but it is good to get into good habits, as you never know when it could happen to you. In a nutshell, the article suggested eating every day:
--more than eight servings of fruits and vegetables a day.
--one serving of nuts and legumes
--at least two servings of whole grains
--two servings of low-fat dairy products
--a half serving of red or processed meats.
The article says the dash diet actually recommends two servings daily of lean meat, fish, or poultry, but that another study over a period of 24 years showed that women who ate a half a serving of the high-fat meats also had fewer heart attacks and strokes. I guess the point is just eat less of it!

Social Networking and MP3 Hits

Talking about social networking groups, I have heard about a new one called 3gb community, where you can do a variety of things such as upload photos, join groups, write blogs, chat with others, and hear the latest MP3 hits. Wonder if anyone would want to hear my latest MP3 hits--my lectures I recorded of constitutional law, mortgages, and other law classes. Just kidding! But you never know when they may become hits. When someone misses a class, we often give the lectures to fellow students in the MP3 format. Looking on the site, I don't recognize any of the artists, but it does say it is the first Arabic community network, so they may all be Arabic performers.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Every Rose Has Its Thorn

Well, Rock of Love ended last night. I can't believe how much I enjoyed that show. I have watched this season from the beginning, so I really knew the cast of characters. I was as shocked as anyone last night when Bret picked Ambre over Daisy. I actually started liking Ambre better at the beginning of last night's episode. I am sure the show purposely underplayed Ambre, so you would think Daisy would be the winner. I have to admit, it made me like Bret more--that he would pick a more sensible, mature woman over just a sexpot. I felt bad for Daisy though--she seems like someone who has had some bad breaks in her life. I read a few reviews of the finale today, and it is sounding like Bret hasn't really found his rock of love yet. Is that an opening for Rock of Love 3? How many times can he do this? Well, at least we have the reunion show to look forward to next week. I am sure it will be a catfight.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Am I the Jealous Type?

I just took a quiz, and about 50 percent of my answers indicate I am the jealous type. It is easy to think you aren't, but once you are faced with a question, such as are you jealous if the guy you are with looks at other women too much, I have to admit that I am. I am not jealous in situations such as when friends get a better job or a nicer car. I guess that is because I think those things are more in my control. The quiz did say that insecurity is tied into jealousy, and I do believe that. Whenever I get into a relationship again, I hope I am not jealous or at least not unreasonably so. The knowledge that you don't have to put up with bad behavior--that you can walk away--helps in battling the insecurity demon.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Car Rental Made Easy

I love how the Internet has made everything easier, renting cars included. Back in the late 80s, when I was trying to make car rental reservations in Spain over the phone, it was extremely difficult. And a little scary because I was not sure when I hung the phone up that I really had a reservation. Glad those days are over! I don't have any plans right now to go to Israel, but I am happy to put it on my wish list. And if I were going to rent a car in israel, I would check into Avis-Israel. Their online reservations Website is very easy to use. And there is no cancellation fee, which is good, because you never know when your travel plans will change. There is also no credit card requirement, which is good for people like me who are trying not to use credit cards. Apparently, they offer many promotions for the holidays and special occasions. For fun, I plugged in some numbers: if I were to pick up a Ford Focus on Sunday and return it two days later, it would only cost me $84.00. Not bad at all!

Body Beautiful #8--Eating Less Junk Food

We all know the problems with junk food--too many calories, too much salt, yadda, yadda, yadda. Some of the things I have learned in recent years are alarming--that too much junk food can actually damage your liver in addition to clogging your arteries, etc. I have also heard that it can cause inflammation, leading to aging of the skin. All of this is enough to make me cut down on eating junk food. Right now with law school--it is hard. Sometimes on class night, I do run by and get fast food before class. The decision is do I eat junk food early, or a better meal later, like at 10:30 p.m? Neither choice is good. But I am cutting down on junk food as best as I can, and my heart, liver, and skin thank me for it.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

An Anglophile's Dream Vacation

My sister is a true Anglophile. She eats, sleeps, and breathes all things English. In college, she went on an architectural history tour of some quaint areas in England. That was about 20 years ago, and she still talks about it with such fondness. She also devours all of the English sitcoms and murder mysteries on PBS. I would love to see her take another trip to England--something that could be as special for her this time as it was last time. I had heard nice things about the Isle of Wight but didn't know much about it. I found it on the Web, and it took my breath away. It is the quintessential English retreat. I would want to stay at the Isle of Wight Hotel. The gardens are spectacular. (See how easily I thrust myself into my sister's imaginary vacation?) Maybe it won't be so imaginary someday. I could see her wanting to stay there for a long time.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Body Beautiful #7--Fabulous Fish Oil

In my quest to take better care of myself, I am trying to resume my intake of supplements. I am saying trying, because I don't even have another nanosecond in my schedule to open a bottle of vitamins. But I am trying--and I am starting with fish oil. Fish oil is a great supplement for those like me who don't eat enough fish. Good for the skin and the heart. What is hard though about fish oil is that you can take it multiple times a day, and I keep forgetting that. I am doing well if I remember to take it one time a day. One time a day is better than nothing, but I will work back up to three times a day. My skin will love me for it.

Real Housewives of NYC

I have started watching this show and it is my newest guilty pleasure. Yes, I am a reality TV freak. It is really pretty good. I don't get Alex and her husband Simon. They are so society conscious it is hilarious. And they don't seem to be the type. Alex seems like a hippy chick. But they are ruthless in their social climbing. They are also joined at the hip. Methinks Simon is gay. Does anyone else think so too?

Monday, April 7, 2008

Hooked on Infomercials

Ever hear someone say they are hooked on infomercials? I have. I have been mesmerized by infomercials myself a time or two. It usually happens late at night. I have been dozing on the sofa with the TV on and suddenly the programming turns to "paid programming." Sometimes I am too lazy to change the channel, and I am not ready to go to bed yet. So I get pulled in. You not only learn a lot of information about the product, but you may also learn about someone's experience with it, which helps personalize the item to you. When you see that item in a store or the Web, it can bring a smile to your face, like an old friend. (Well not quite, but you know what I mean.)

As Seen on TV Products Website features a lot of the products you see on TV. I had a good time looking through the products on the site. My sister uses The Principal Secret skin care system, and it was on there. And it wasn't too expensive either! I was also interested in the Urine Gone stain remover. The other day for the first time Loopot wet my bed of all things. Not Cool! I know he was hungry and mad. He was very overweight and had to cut down on his food, and he is not happy. But he had never wet outside his litter box before, so it concerned me. I hope he doesn't do it again. I may have to order that product.

The site has reviews, which is particularly good for some of the health related items, so you can know what is in the product and how it works. Very user friendly site! It also helps to know where to find a product. Sometimes you just can't write down that 800 number from the TV fast enough. So you get a second chance on the website.

Rock of Love Again

I am really enjoying Rock of Love right now, much more than the new Bachelor. Of course the Bachelor just started a new season, so maybe it hasn't gained enough steam yet. But it doesn't seem as interesting right now. Rock of Love is down to two women now, and the finale will be next week. I think he really likes Daisy, and it is funny how she has him twisted up in a ball. He thinks she is a good person but that she hasn't been as forthcoming as she should about her past. I think that is funny--that a rock star is worried about someone not being forthcoming about her past. I wonder if he is being forthcoming about his? Maybe he is, but I just wonder. But the fact that she she has him so twisted up is good. Keeping a guy on edge increases his interest. I didn't really care for Destiney, and she is the one who was sent home, but it was sad about her father who had liver cancer. The families of the women came to visit the show this past week, and he and Bret rode motorcycles together. It was definitely a poignant moment.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Needed: New Furniture

I really need to get a handle on the home thing. I used to have it. I had it for at least a while. Making my condo nice and neat and mine. Now it is just a mess. Ignored. But I still love it. I love that it is mine. But I don't love that I don't have time to do housework and upkeep and give it basic TLC. It is hard to be a good housekeeper while working and in law school full time. I look at it and shake my head. But on the other hand, I can only do what I can do. I may have to give myself some slack until I pass the bar. But then after that, I want to be queen of the condos. A condonista. I need to put as much work into making my home interesting and neat as I do other things. That is a promise I am making to myself. I would love to get some new furniture. That would be a wonderful gift to myself and to my home. My taste is eclectic, so modern furniture would fit right in.

I need some new bathroom cabinets, and I love this look. I love the wood and the European look.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Body Beautiful #6--Red Wine

I am always interested in how to stay looking young and read everything I can get my hands on about anti-aging. AOL had a good article today, which had a few things I had never heard before. I knew of course that red wine is good for you; it has resveratrol in it, which has been called the ultimate anti-aging nutrient. What a recommendation! Drink up! But one thing it said that I paid attention to is that women who drink red wine should also take folic acid, as even one drink a day can increase your risk for breast cancer if you are folic deficient. Wow--I did not know that. Folic acid also is good for heart and circulation health, so I am going to start popping that little pill again.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Setting Financial Goals

I am becoming more and more of a believer that if you write your goals down, it will help you reach those goals. Both in love and other areas of life. I am going to write down goals for my lovelife and what traits I want in a mate. But I am also going to write down my financial goals. I have been a financial dum-dum far too long. Among my goals, I am going to write down that I want to someday buy meme's and pepe's house, buy another beautiful house, be able to afford to travel at whim and have nice clothes, donate to charity, maybe adopt a child. That is hugely ambitious. To do some or all of these things, I will need some financial advice. George Divel is a financial advisor and his website lays out some great information. Such as he believes in writing down financial goals to make them happen. And that he stays on top of his clients' needs. That he provides a higher level of customer service than some other firms. He also has a blog on his website that gives some great financial tips. I am going to start taking that kind of advice more seriously.

Today Has Got to be Better

Yesterday was one of those days when I was glad I was single. I don't know if it was hormones or lack of sleep or a combo of those, but I was near a breakdown almost all day. I spent most of yesterday not wanting to talk with anyone. Law school is heating up, and we are all on edge. No sleep and an unmanageable schedule is a killer. I can't make myself sick over all this. After all, I went to law school for fun. Imagine that. I can't let it get the best of me now. And I need more sleep. I need it for my beauty and I need it for my health. I only got 5 hours of sleep last night, but it was good sleep--I feel much better today.

Monday, March 31, 2008

Marketing Gimmicks

How many of us have been tricked into buying something by a marketing gimmick? Many of us I am sure (raises hand). How many of us have been on the other side of the coin and have written marketing copy that does this tricking? (Again raises hand.) I have tricked and been tricked. I have been guilty of making an event sound more fun than it really probably is. But that was my job.

What I have to watch out for is being tricked into buying something or signing up for something on the Internet that I don't really want. Or not really understanding the terms for a free trial period and then being stuck with the product or going through gyrations to get a refund. And that is not fun and a time waster.

Daisy Pulled It Out Again

I like Daisy on Rock of Love and I do think she is Bret's favorite. She survived the cut again last night. He is concerned as he thinks she is not as transparent as she needs to be with her personal life. She is still living with her ex boyfriend, for example, but she says they are just friends. I can understand his concern up to a point. But on the other hand, has he been transparent about his life with her? Probably not. In the real world, I would say I don't have to be transparent with you until we are exclusive. Until Bret picks her. Then it is another story.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

For My Dad--the Man Who Has Everything

Father's Day is still a little while off, but my dad is the type who has everything he needs, so buying gifts for him is challenging. I am a good gift giver, however, so I am always on the lookout for interesting and unexpected ideas and have fun coming up with something unusual. Photography is one of his hobbies, and he likes to travel, so I thought I might get him a travel photo vest. I found one on a website that I really like. Not only is it really neat looking, but it has 20 pockets for your stuff! You could load up on everything you need for your adventure. This same website has a lot of SWAT gear for sale, which he might enjoy too. He might have fun with some of their gear, such as the tactical shirts, pants, or footwear. They also have a section of tactical wear for women too, so I might even buy something for myself. Their polo shirts look nice!

Megan Leaves Rock of Love

Last week, Megan was voted off the Rock of Love. Her tour stopped there. To be honest, I was glad. Like Bret says, her expression never changes (except when she was crying over her old boyfriend.) And that perpetual smile was getting tiresome. Obviously so fake. It would be hard to trust her--you wouldn't ever really know what was on her mind. It took her forever to leave the set when he told her. Obviously, it came out of left field to her. It will be interesting to see what happens tonight. But why is Heather on the show to help Bret choose between the women when she herself is interested in him? Maybe to be close to him, or does she just need a gig? My guilty pleasure with reality TV is getting way out of hand.

Plastics Recycling Is Important

Remember the movie The Graduate? And the best line from the movie--when a family friend leans over to the character played by Dustin Hoffman and says to him, "Let me just tell you one word: plastics." That was great. It was a funny line and indicative of how the plastics industry was growing at that time. Nowadays, the plastics recycling program is also growing in a very healthy way.

I am glad to hear this, because I am afraid with school I have slacked off in my recycling efforts. We also don't have our curbside program anymore. I know there are some neighborhood collection sites, so I will have to resume my recycling by taking my plastic items there.

Apparently part of the growth in plastics recycling is coming through corporations and their purchasing preference policies, and the number of end uses for recycled plastics is also increasing, which adds to the demand. HDPE Granules are used in many packaging applications (snack food wrappers, cereal box liners, and margarine tubs) and are an easy and a popular item to recycle.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Oh, These are the Kardashians

I kept seeing on the TV menu the show Keeping Up With the Kardashians, and wondered who they were and why we should be keeping up with them. But I wasn't really interested enough to investigate. Until one day, the show was just on and I started watching it--the whole marathon. It is really pretty good. The Kardashian brood is the ex-wife and the children of the Kardashian guy who was O.J. Simpson's lawyer, who is now dead. What a great looking guy he was! The ex-wife is attractive too, so the children are beautiful. The ex-wife is now married to Bruce Jenner, that one time Olympic hunk. The show is really pretty good. They were on Larry King tonight and I will be on the lookout for more episodes. Just more evidence of my addiction to reality tv.

Reclaiming the Holidays

As much as I love law school, I will also be glad when it is over. For one reason, for the past several years, I feel that I have barely celebrated Christmas and other holidays. I love the holidays--I love putting up a Christmas tree, buying presents, and sending out Christmas cards. I like a real tree, but I haven't had time to get one so had to put up a fake one that has seen better days. I bought Christmas cards this year, but didn't have time to send them out. I thought about sending them out as New Year's cards instead, but that whizzed by me also.

Next year, I am going to go all out. I might send out a holiday photo card. I have never done that--I guess cause I am single, but why not? I found one I really like: Not only does it show a single woman, but it also has a musical theme, and I like that idea.

These Photo Cards can be personalized either by sending the company a photo you want printed directly on one of their holiday cards, or they can craft a custom card for you featuring your company logo or special artwork. It is a perfect way to send an individual message to your loved ones or clients at the holidays.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Plastic Surgery Gone Awry

I am not into plastic surgery. I want to look young and look my best, but I stop short of plastic surgery. There are a lot of other things you can do to keep yourself looking your best. (Most of which I am not doing right now because of school but will resume soon.) The photographs of Priscilla Presley's botched facelift reinforce my dislike of plastic surgery. She was a beautiful woman. Why did she feel the need to get those injections? I hope she can get that fixed somehow.

More YouTube

With law school, it is always hard to do the little things that make you happy: read a good book, go on more dates, make time for a manicure, take longer walks, soak in a hot tub. One thing I haven't had much time to do is watch YouTube. I have enjoyed the videos I have seen, and I have heard of a ton more that are hilarious. There is a TubeTilla YouTube Downloader available that is free. You can download videos from YouTube, convert them on the spot, and watch them on a PC, video iPod, PSP, or iPhone. That would make it easy to watch the videos anywhere. Their TubeTilla Pro will also be available April 1. I just downloaded some software and hope to catch a few more smiles from YouTube.

Lobbie Nice But.....

Well, my date zero with lobbie was nice but different. How was it different? Can you say The Secret on Steroids? Nice looking guy, but sort of manic. He brought up The Secret, which is something I am trying to follow. Basically, the Laws of Attraction--think positive thoughts and positive things will come to you. You attract what you think. I was happy when he brought up The Secret. Neat, I thought. But he went way past that, on some kind of ultra new age trip to the moon. I think he must have an addictive personality--some things he said indicated that. It brought me back to another old maxim --moderation in all things--even in good things such as The Secret. Even that can become too much.

Cloud on Property

When you buy a house or a piece of land, the last thing you want is a cloud on the title. (I have learned all about this in law school!) You want to make sure the title is clean, and that there is no defect--such as a minor or a person of unsound mind signed the deed, or that one was signed out of fraud or duress, or that there are unknown heirs waiting in the wing to claim the property. The best advice is to use a title company, which can insure the owner and the lender against any possible claims arising out of the deed.

Find a Title Company Near Your Home by clicking on the link. You can search for companies based on such things as if they do online closings and extended hours. I looked on the site and found 46 companies near my zipcode!

I know when I buy a new date-licious home (hopefully sooner than later)I will certainly use a title company!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Date Zero With New Lobbie

I have a date zero with a new lobbie tomorrow night. It is Easter night, but I think that will be OK. We are going to a fairly nice restaurant. I had just suggested a drink, but at going to this restaurant, we will probably have dinner. His photos on match look nice, he seems successful, and close to his family. All good signs on the front end. Wish me luck!

Pool Wear

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am a water baby. I love being by the water--whether pool, lake, or ocean. Our family has a pool, and we also have a beach condo. And I like to go on other beach vacations as well, so I get to wear a lot of bathing suits. It is not always comfortable or appropriate to walk around in your bathing suit, so I discovered sarongs a while back. Not only are they easy to put on over your bathing suit and take a stroll or run to the market without changing out of your suit, but they are also usually pretty and sexy! I have enjoyed wearing both long and short sarongs.

I found some wonderful Hawaiian sarongs that are not as expensive as some others I have seen, and they have same day shipping. The styles are very nice, with painted images or pretty embroidery. I particularly like this one. I think I would look darn good wearing it!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Online Dating: Small World

I don't visit the the dating site often because it is just too cumbersome to me. You have to do all of that back and forth with questions and what not, and it requires you to make the first move sometimes in showing interest. I just do not do that! I like the man to make the first move because, well who just wants to waste the time if a man is not interested in you enough to contact you first! But for some reason, I did log on to chemistry the other night and had a surprise. My newest match is not only a former co-worker of mine, but was married to another former co-worker of mine. I knew he was remarried, but didn't know he was divorced again???? Oh well, doesn't matter. Nice guy, but I was never interested in him that way.

Conference Fun

Some people have told me they dread going to conferences and meetings. Not me! I love going to conferences where you actually learn something worthwhile and meet interesting people. In my previous job, I went to two kinds of conferences: one where I was covering the subject matter for my magazine. I was there as a reporter and gathering information. The second were editors' conferences where we would discuss how to better handle writing and editing challenges encountered in our daily work life, such as better ways to meet deadlines, work with freelancers, deal with unreasonable bosses, etc.

Both types of conferences were great--even though they were very different. But what was the same in both situations was that we would be sitting for long periods of time. All day, sometimes several days in a row. So you want comfortable chairs.

Burgess Furniture offers some great looking furniture for conferences and banquets. I particularly like their Salon, Vario, and Fiora chairs. Very classy, and they have great colors. The neat thing about those kind of chairs is that they are engineered to be more comfortable, which is appreciated during those meetings! Their Website is very nice and colorful and gives information on all of their products. Burgess Furniture is a
contract furniture manufacturer and supplier that also offers furniture for hire.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Body Beautiful #5--Water Water Everywhere

I admit it, I am a water baby. I love swimming, playing in the ocean, and boating on the lake. I also like to drink water, but have fallen down on my daily intake lately. Not sure why that is, but I am avowing to get back on the stick with that. I drink lots and lots of coffee and also like an occasional glass of wine (or two). And that dehyrdates one. So I am trying to build back up to my 8 glasses of water a day. Right now, I probably don't drink more than 3 or 4, and I think my skin is not looking so good. So I am going to enact remedy H20.

Dangerous Weight

Weight obsession is such an odd thing in our culture today. On one hand, there are some people, particularly women, who starve themselves to be thin. On the other hand, there is such an obesity problem. Flip sides of a coin. Some people are so overweight it is dangerous. I have two good friends who must weigh at least 400 pounds, maybe more. (And I know of other people in like condition.) My heart aches for them. I know as they age, they probably won't live very long. They both already have serious health problems. I know at least one of them has looked into laparoscopic surgery or the LAP-BAND system. It is performed on an outpatient basis and seems safer than the gastric bypass operation. There is less impact on your anatomy and fewer complications. The central florida lapband Website offers a lot of information on their program, including how to decide if laparoscopic surgery is right for you, how to prepare for the surgery, and support.

A Sly Look

I was studying in Panera Bread the other day--decked out with laptop, notes, etc. and a man was looking for a place to sit. He looked around and then chose the table next to me. As time went on, he made small talk with me and seemed approachable. He might have been married--I am not sure. I couldn't see his ring finger. But he was cute, and he looked interesting. And he looked interested in me, which was nice. I haven't gotten a lot of male attention lately, and I feel sometimes as if I am invisible to men. It was nice that he clarified that that isn't so.

Getting in the Game Mood

Playing games are not only fun, but sometimes they are good for the pocketbook. Recently I have been in the mood for online games (maybe as a break from my law studies--hopefully not just a distraction.) I am a good speller, so there is one game out there where you do a spelling game for prizes. I don't have a lot of time to play, but have found a minute here or there.

Now I have discovered another neat game you get clues and compete to find the answer. Some of their categories are "Who Am I?" "Where in the World?" and "Living Thing." Players get clues and make guesses until someone guesses correctly. In one of their recent contents, someone only made 24 guesses to get the correct answer which was African Grey Parrot or psittacus erithacus and won $200!

These online contests may be the trick to getting my budget in order!

Monday, March 17, 2008

The New Bachelor

OK, break out the drinks--the new Bachelor show started tonight. I don't know what is so compelling about these shows, except it is a guilty pleasure and peek into the dating habits of others. I know women (including me) who watch the show and do a play by play as if it were a football game. Did you hear what she said? Could you believe she was all over him like that? At the very least, you can garner a few gems about what works and what doesn't work around men. Like the woman who put her underwear under the bachelor's pants tonight--that just didn't work.

Happy Camper

The only time in my life I have camped in a tent was when I dated the love of my life. (Yes, sadly it didn't work out.) He was an outdoorsman, and I went with him and his friends on numerous occasions to a lovely spot in the North Carolina hills. I would have no idea where to find it again, but I do know it was not that far from Asheville, so you know it is a gorgeous area. We camped in a tent and lived the rustic life with outhouse and all. We also camped once on a beach on a Georgia island until news of a possible hurricane made the rangers shoo us back to the mainland. I still keep up with my ex, and I know he still camps. He has nice equipment, so I am sure he has Caravan Insurance.

Personally, I am more of the chalet type, and will be joining some friends in the next few weeks for a weekend in a lovely chalet in the Smoky Mountains, a national park. The chalets are privately owned, and you can rent them out. Some are very luxurious and quite expensive, so I know they must be well covered by insurance.

Some other friends of mine travel all over the world and spend a lot of time in Scotland, often camping in a tent. I hope to join them someday, and will let them know of the benefits of this coverage. Like anything else, you can enjoy yourself more if you know you are covered in case of loss.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Rock of Love

I have been watching Rock of Love every week. I really like it, but am not sure if part of the reason I like it is that I found out that Brett Michaels is from Pittsburgh. One of my favorite cities. I think I like him better because I know he is a fellow Pennsylvanian. Go Steelers! Tonight, Kristy Joe left of her own accord. That put Megan in a difficult position. She got to stay only because Kristy Joe left. So Megan really should have left for her own good. Who wants to stay when you are in such a down position? But maybe the competitive spirit kicks in and you can't make a good decision at that point for the life of you. You want to win even though you know you won't.

Watch Web on Your TV

When The Secret video was released, it first appeared on the Web. I was anxious to watch it, as many other people were. I am spiritual, and am interested in the Laws of Attraction, the subject of The Secret. The LOA are simply that you attract what you think. If you think negative thoughts, you attract negative things. If you think positive thoughts, you attract positive things. I know I can watch such videos on my laptop, but that seems awkward. Laptops and computers in general work well, in my opinion, with short videos, but not with long videos or movies. So I was glad to hear about the the Web to TV Play the web on your TV, which allows you to watch videos on your TV. That would be great not only for videos you want to watch yourself, but for larger groups, such as families or gatherings of friends. Acquiring the software is easy. You can surf the Web on your laptop, and then with a click on your mouse, watch your selection on your TV! While watching your selection, you can continue to surf the Web for the next item you want to watch. This would have been helpful as a lot of my friends and I want to attract our soulmate, our love, and we could have watched The Secret as a group. This is a perfect example of how computers, which tend to isolate individuals from each other, are going to evolve to let us use them in more social settings.

Friday, March 14, 2008

My Very Happy Birthday

I admit I am a birthday person. I love to celebrate my birthday (even though I am to the point I don't like saying the age). I also love celebrating others' birthdays. Even as an adult, your birthday is YOUR DAY! I have been blessed this year with a lot of nice attention for my birthday. Some friends took me out last weekend, and another friend took me out tonight. My parents took me out on my actual birthday. They had a health scare recently and are now doing well, so that is an extra special birthday present for me.

I Know How Important Insurance Is

A couple of events in the last couple of years have made me a firm believer in insurance. And being covered more than adequately. First a water leak in the condo above me made appreciative that I had plenty of homeowner's insurance. Then a really bad car wreck (my fault, but no one was hurt) made me oh so happy about my wonderful car insurance and agent. At work, we well covered by business insurance. It is so easy these days to compare prices through online insurance quotes. If you know you are covered by insurance, you won't get wrinkles from worrying about how to pay for catastrophes!

Body Beautiful #4--More Frequent Haircuts

I know how important a good hair cut is, and many years ago I found a great stylist. My type of hair is difficult to cut well, and when I found a good stylist, I knew better than to ever let him go! For many years to save money, however, I have only gotten my hair cut about every six weeks. I am rethinking that and wanting to get it cut more often. My friends tell me that the ends look better and healthier after a cut. The problem is, he is so booked up, it is hard to see him more often. I did talk him into letting me come every five weeks now. Maybe I can work on him about coming every four! I am in a better position now to spend the extra money and guess my perspective has changed to consider it worth it now.

AU Pairs Make Life Easy

My friend Carey lives an exciting life. She has had a great career, married an interesting man, and they have been successful. And they are international. Meaning they not only travel extensively overseas, but they also have an international outlook. I can't tell you how many times they have rented apartments in Paris for six months at a time or taken extensive trips. Makes me drool! (My secret wish has been to meet a man with whom I could have this same kind of life!)

So I was not surprised when they hired an au pair AuPairCare when their daughter was born about 12 years ago. The au pair was from Germany and lived with them, traveled with them on trips, and became part of the family. Carey raved about how great she was and how she made life easy by helping out with those first few erratic baby years. Carey knew her daughter was in good hands, since the au pairs are trained in baby care, first aid, and infant CPR. They didn't have to fool with hiring babysitters. And since they appreciate the international scene, Carey and her husband were excited to have their daughter exposed to other cultures in her very young formative years.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

When a Lobster Gets Impatient

I know that encourages you to say "not interested" when you aren't, but most people are not going to do that. First of all, it would be considered rude, and secondly, I for one am not on top of things enough to be able to figure that out quickly. There are some people I immediately know I am not interested in, but in most cases, that does not happen quickly for me. I don't have the time to read everyone's profile that closely. A lobbie has emailed me three times, each time getting a little more impatient that I haven't responded. I don't know about you, but that is a turn off to me. I think he will just have to cool his heels. At this point, I have already labeled him as impatient, so I don't think anything good is to come from me answering him. He will get over it.