Thursday, March 20, 2008

Dangerous Weight

Weight obsession is such an odd thing in our culture today. On one hand, there are some people, particularly women, who starve themselves to be thin. On the other hand, there is such an obesity problem. Flip sides of a coin. Some people are so overweight it is dangerous. I have two good friends who must weigh at least 400 pounds, maybe more. (And I know of other people in like condition.) My heart aches for them. I know as they age, they probably won't live very long. They both already have serious health problems. I know at least one of them has looked into laparoscopic surgery or the LAP-BAND system. It is performed on an outpatient basis and seems safer than the gastric bypass operation. There is less impact on your anatomy and fewer complications. The central florida lapband Website offers a lot of information on their program, including how to decide if laparoscopic surgery is right for you, how to prepare for the surgery, and support.

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