Friday, March 21, 2008

Conference Fun

Some people have told me they dread going to conferences and meetings. Not me! I love going to conferences where you actually learn something worthwhile and meet interesting people. In my previous job, I went to two kinds of conferences: one where I was covering the subject matter for my magazine. I was there as a reporter and gathering information. The second were editors' conferences where we would discuss how to better handle writing and editing challenges encountered in our daily work life, such as better ways to meet deadlines, work with freelancers, deal with unreasonable bosses, etc.

Both types of conferences were great--even though they were very different. But what was the same in both situations was that we would be sitting for long periods of time. All day, sometimes several days in a row. So you want comfortable chairs.

Burgess Furniture offers some great looking furniture for conferences and banquets. I particularly like their Salon, Vario, and Fiora chairs. Very classy, and they have great colors. The neat thing about those kind of chairs is that they are engineered to be more comfortable, which is appreciated during those meetings! Their Website is very nice and colorful and gives information on all of their products. Burgess Furniture is a
contract furniture manufacturer and supplier that also offers furniture for hire.

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