Friday, June 27, 2008

More Dating

Where was I with my dating saga? Oh yes, the two dates in successive weekends. Well, the first one went bust when he told me he was developing a genuine connection with someone else he met online. OK.....I guess.

I liked him better than the second one, and thought I had more in common with him. But, I guess it is not in the cards.

The second one works in the same industry I do, so I thought that was good. But then, we barely talked about it, and he kept wanting to put down the industry that I was in before. That really ticked me off. I felt like I had to defend what I did previously, and I don't like that position.

But that is really OK. I don't think he has the same energy level I do. I am high energy. He doesn't seem to do a lot. And that is really OK too, but coupled with his conservativism, or at least what seems like his conservatism, it is not a good fit.


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