Friday, March 14, 2008

AU Pairs Make Life Easy

My friend Carey lives an exciting life. She has had a great career, married an interesting man, and they have been successful. And they are international. Meaning they not only travel extensively overseas, but they also have an international outlook. I can't tell you how many times they have rented apartments in Paris for six months at a time or taken extensive trips. Makes me drool! (My secret wish has been to meet a man with whom I could have this same kind of life!)

So I was not surprised when they hired an au pair AuPairCare when their daughter was born about 12 years ago. The au pair was from Germany and lived with them, traveled with them on trips, and became part of the family. Carey raved about how great she was and how she made life easy by helping out with those first few erratic baby years. Carey knew her daughter was in good hands, since the au pairs are trained in baby care, first aid, and infant CPR. They didn't have to fool with hiring babysitters. And since they appreciate the international scene, Carey and her husband were excited to have their daughter exposed to other cultures in her very young formative years.

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