Monday, September 20, 2010

My Condo Is Slowly Looking Better

I don't think I have the housekeeping gene. Or maybe I did have it, but not enjoying living in the same house as my mother and father growing up repressed the gene? Anyway, I have to really work at it. I am never at home, and when I am at home, I am usually too tired to do housework. Except in rare circumstances.

But I am trying to change my habits. Like thinking that housekeeping is fun. And making it as important to me as studying for law school and the bar exam. Maybe that will work???? Make it a huge priority?

Anyway, slowly and surely, I am sorting things out, repairing things, and buying new things. Getting my head above water after many years with it in a book. After I get a few more things repaired, I am going to start looking at new Furniture. I think the first thing I would buy is a new dining room table and chairs. I can't wait!

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