Friday, February 22, 2008

I Am Breaking Up With a Message Board

Yes, I am breaking up with a dating message board that I have been a part of for a while. But don't worry--I have a couple of other dating message boards in the wing.

It is a sign of our times and our technology. We become members of a cyber community and get involved. Sometimes too involved. We have never met these people, but we let them get under our skin.

This board is a private board and you have to be admitted. And there comes the price. If you step out of line, they bite you. We have moderators, but they do nothing to moderate when their "friends" get out of line. I suggested that the moderators do something, and they said no. They want a board with no rules, but the funny part is they have plenty of rules. They just don't admit it.

I think because of this they have decided they don't like me. They tend not to respond to my messages anymore. I can't deny it hurts. But how stupid, as this is just a message board! I am not part of their group. And that really is OK, because if this were in real life, I think a lot of them are younger than me, and they are not the people I would want to hang with or get advice from. There are several other people in my position with this board. We just keep trying, and they just keep not caring.

Not for this chick anymore.

No Valentines

Well, it was a little depressing again this year on February 14--no Valentines. At least from the man category. I always get a Valentine from one of my best friends and her family. It cheers me up beyond belief! It is so sweet.

I wasn't sure if I would get any Valentines from NiceGuy that I have gone out with a few times. I was thinking not, as we had only gone out four times and there were pretty big spaces in between the dates (my fault with my school and test schedule).

Even though I figured we were not close enough for him to do something for me for Valentine's Day, I have to admit it bothered me. I take it as a sign that he is not really interested in me, and I will start putting my sights elsewhere. That is OK, as he was fun to be with, but I felt no chemistry with him.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Online Dating Shocker!

I mentioned here a while back about the lobster on who nicely archived me and then unarchived me? And then I archived him? I couldn't believe how someone would think that that was OK, and that I would still be interested?

Well, it is interesting how things turn out. Got to work today and people were buzzing about a prostitution sting that had occurred in our city about a week ago. I almost didn't pull the article up on the Web, because I thought I wouldn't know any of the guys.

Well I did pull it up, and I was wrong. One of the men arrested was dear Mr. Archive from! I kept looking at the photo and thinking I knew him. I kept thinking, Where do I know him from? And then at lunch, it hit me. He was that guy from chemistry!

I never met him--thank goodness! But I never forget a face. The news article ran his name, age, and the town he was from. I looked up the guy on chemistry, and yes, it was him! Same first name, same age, same town. Then I googled his full name, and he has the same occupation as chemistry guy!

All I can say is, thank goodness we didn't meet!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Another Date With Nice Guy

I have another date this weekend with Nice Guy. He has been very respectful of my busy study time. We are going to breakfast, which will be good, because yes again, I have to spend most of the weekend studying for another test! I still don't feel any sparks, but he is fun to talk with and be around. That counts for a lot. But I don't want to get too settled in yet. I do want spark and want to keep my options open.


I have watched a few episodes of Millionaire Matchmaker, and what a hoot! Just shows you that even those with money can fall into some bad dating habits.

Chemistry Again

I wrote in my last post how a lobbie had archived me on and then had so graciously unarchived me before I even knew he had archived me. Gee Thanks. I returned the favor by archiving him. Hee.