Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Heard Back From One Chemistry Guy

Chemistry.com almost tripped me up. Like all other dating sites, when someone emails you through the site, they in turn email your private address to let you know. A nice looking man had indicated he was interested in me, and we went through the song and dance of answering all the questions and such. Then I never heard from him. I wondered if it was because our answers were pretty different. I don't mind that, but I wondered if he did. After all, we are supposed to be compatible, right? Well I just thought he was yet another one who didn't follow through. Well, lo and behold, I logged onto the site today, didn't see any indication I had gotten a new email, but clicked on the link for email anyway. And I found an email from him! Glad I looked. He had emailed almost a week ago. Maybe we will get a chance to meet.

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