Friday, March 28, 2008

Reclaiming the Holidays

As much as I love law school, I will also be glad when it is over. For one reason, for the past several years, I feel that I have barely celebrated Christmas and other holidays. I love the holidays--I love putting up a Christmas tree, buying presents, and sending out Christmas cards. I like a real tree, but I haven't had time to get one so had to put up a fake one that has seen better days. I bought Christmas cards this year, but didn't have time to send them out. I thought about sending them out as New Year's cards instead, but that whizzed by me also.

Next year, I am going to go all out. I might send out a holiday photo card. I have never done that--I guess cause I am single, but why not? I found one I really like: Not only does it show a single woman, but it also has a musical theme, and I like that idea.

These Photo Cards can be personalized either by sending the company a photo you want printed directly on one of their holiday cards, or they can craft a custom card for you featuring your company logo or special artwork. It is a perfect way to send an individual message to your loved ones or clients at the holidays.

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