Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cool Glasses Frames. And Inexpensive Too!

I prefer to wear contacts, because I don't think I look good in glasses. But I do have to say the styles today are much more attractive than they used to be. Another problem is though how expensive frames are. I need to go to the eye doctor later this year and will want to get some new frames. I was looking at some designs on zennioptical.com. Maybe I'll be able to find some that look good on me.

Newest OLD Guy a Washout?

I had high hopes for the latest guy who contacted me off match. He seems nice enough, and I like his looks. In his email, he called me "pretty lady." So what is the problem? He wanted to talk on the phone before meeting, so I sent him my cell phone number. He called once and didn't leave a message. Very disappointing.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Practical Boots

I am not a big boot wearer, but I have been in situations where you really need to wear boots. One is on strenuous hikes. I have spent a lot of time in the Smoky Mountains, and many of the trails there are paved, and you can wear just about any shoes on those paths.
But it wasn't till I started doing more strenuous hikes--the Mount LeConte hike in particular--that I discovered the necessity of wearing hiking boots. It was at that point I realized you need almost work boots to protect your feet from stones and rocks on the trail. Otherwise, the bottoms of your feet can get bruised. I bought some good boots before the first of my two hikes up that mountain, and I was so glad. My feet were fine after the journeys. One funny moment was on one of the trips up, we met a woman wearing sandals, and she asked if we thought she could hike up in those. We said, gosh no! You wouldn't make it very far. You don't want to have to walk in your barefeet when your sandals break!

In the Twilight Zone

It is Fourth of July weekend, and that means the annual Twilight Zone marathon on the scifi channel. I try to catch some of it every year. It is on until 4 a.m. tomorrow morning. That is good, as that will help me stay up to study for the bar exam. I can study with the TV on, that helps me study. Wierd, I know. But I would get bored if the TV were not on. After all these years, I am surprised that I still see episodes I have not seen before. One of the neat things about the show is that, since it first aired in the early 1960s, you see stars when they were very young. For instance, Sidney Pollack is in the episode I am watching now. I would have never recognized him! It is fun to see stars in this show when they were young, and the plot lines are so interesting, and many offer a moral tale. Like what your life could be like taken to the extremes.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Menstrual Stem Cell Research

I really love science. In another life, I could have been a science nerd. Some of my favorite writing assignments have involved doctors or researchers. I was always amazed at their insights and breakthroughs. It really revved me up.

I wish I were still in science writing, because stem cell research would provide many writing opportunities. Stem cell research is so exciting and holds such promise for the future. It really holds a key to a cure for some of the major diseases. Who knows where they will discover the next cure? Well, a start is in the menstrual blood. Yes, that is right, the menstrual blood. Who would have thought?

But think about it--menstrual blood contains cell renewing stem cells, and it certainly can be collected easily. It can also be processed and stored for potential therapies that emerge in the future. It is thought that it may well help future therapies for diseases such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease, as well as anti-aging, burns, and wounds. You can start collecting menstrual blood now and have it preserved for the future for these purposes. The stem cells are a perfect match for the donor and may also match first degree relatives. What a comforting idea. None of us knows what the future holds, but an easy way to combat serious illness like this sounds good in my book.

Heartbreak or Happiness?

I don't know what to think. My fav online guy of all time is back in my life sort of. He is emailing me again and says he is moving back. Our chemistry was the best--which is unusual for me. Sparks were flying. He is smart, cute, accomplished. Everything I like. Except dependable and uninterested, apparently, in a real relationship with me. But is he just older and wiser? Does he realize that I am his prize? That would be nice. I am afraid to give my heart to him again. But he does make me feel good. Can I make it into more of a friendship with him? Life is hard sometimes.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Glowing Skin

I am all about trying to look good and take care of myself. Well, I better qualify that. I am all about that, when I am not in law school or studying for the bar. Which means I have not paid as much attention to my looks in the last four years as I should. But how can you, when you are running for wor to school all the time? I do have to say that my skin looks good. I do use good products. A friend of mine has great looking skin too. She gets thermage treatments. That is something I might want to look into sometime.

A Chemistry No-Show?

There was a potential lobster on Chemistry who started the process with me. He got the ball rolling, saying he was interested in me. Then we went through the process: essentials, the short questions. Then nothing. Is he waiting on me to send the first email? I will not do that. I am disappointed though, because I thought he seemed nice and attractive. Did he not like my short answers to his questions???? This is really annoying.