Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Waiting On Car Parts Is No Fun

Back when I had my car wreck a couple of years ago--OK, before I go any further, I will admit that the wreck was my fault. I was lost in law school study fog and didn't see the stopped car in front of me. Well, it was a Saturday, and I had been studying all day. For a thrilling law school subject. Not. Well, anyway, I was driving to meet some friends after a whole day at the grindstone and lost in law school study fog. Then whap! Right into the back of the beat up jalopy in front of me. Of course, his car wasn't hurt at all. Which was actually good for me. I shouldn't complain about that. But my little volkswagen was entirely beaten up. I had to cry. I was not looking out for my wheetle beetle, and I banged her up quite a bit.

The police came and said it was my fault. Of course it was. But I couldn't even drive my car home, and that upset me so much. I was afraid it would be totalled and that would have been a financial nightmare for me. Luckily it could be fixed. But it took so long to get the volkswagen parts. I kept calling the body shop and asking when it would be ready. They said they had to get the parts from Germany. I said, what?? Why??? There are VWs all over the place, and surely you don't have to get parts from Germany?? But apparently they did. One month dragged into two months, and my rental car allowance from the insurance company wouldn't pay for the second month. Luckily, I could borrow a family car for the second month or I would have been up the creek in terms of getting to work. So not being able to get car parts in a timely fashion can have serious consequences. The body shop should have checked out some online parts places. I have looked online, and there are places that had the parts I needed!

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Brielle Franklin said...

That stinks so much. Thankfully I have never had to wait on Volkswagen Parts. You must have had a really rare part go wrong. I recently had a problem with mine where my wiper fluid, 12v adapter, and heat fan wouldn't work. Three totally random things, that thankfully were all fixed with just one part. Thanks so much for sharing your post.