Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tussle Between Brick And Mortar And Online Companies

It was bound to happen. Brick and mortar companies losing money to online retailers have to find a way to compete and stay in business. Hard to do when online prices are cheaper.

But when it involves something like eyeglasses or hearing aids--medical devices--does it make a difference? You have to have a PD--pupillary distance measurement--from pupil to pupil to buy glasses. Online retailers can't do that for you, And brick and mortar retailers, tired of losing business to onliners, have stopped providing it. Translation: customers can't buy their glasses online without it.

One could argue that it matters more--because they are medical devices, they must be correct. Hard to do that online. But maybe a way around it is for online retailers to affiliate with local providers. Buy online; get checked locally. Just a thought.

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