Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy Camper

The only time in my life I have camped in a tent was when I dated the love of my life. (Yes, sadly it didn't work out.) He was an outdoorsman, and I went with him and his friends on numerous occasions to a lovely spot in the North Carolina hills. I would have no idea where to find it again, but I do know it was not that far from Asheville, so you know it is a gorgeous area. We camped in a tent and lived the rustic life with outhouse and all. We also camped once on a beach on a Georgia island until news of a possible hurricane made the rangers shoo us back to the mainland. I still keep up with my ex, and I know he still camps. He has nice equipment, so I am sure he has Caravan Insurance.

Personally, I am more of the chalet type, and will be joining some friends in the next few weeks for a weekend in a lovely chalet in the Smoky Mountains, a national park. The chalets are privately owned, and you can rent them out. Some are very luxurious and quite expensive, so I know they must be well covered by insurance.

Some other friends of mine travel all over the world and spend a lot of time in Scotland, often camping in a tent. I hope to join them someday, and will let them know of the benefits of this coverage. Like anything else, you can enjoy yourself more if you know you are covered in case of loss.

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