Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Surprising Insight from Date

On my DZ the other night, I did hear some surprising news. Well, I guess it is not surprising--I have heard it before. But I am always surprised when I hear it again. My date asked me how I liked match. I am never sure how to take that comment. Maybe it is just chit-chat. I usually don't ask the question myself unless I know the date is going nowhere. So, I didn't really mind when he asked me--again I guess because I felt it was going nowhere. I told him my usual--that I was glad it was there, because it let me meet people I would normally not meet. But most of them are not "matches." He told me the women he meets are so forward and seem to be sex starved or something. That they will actually say, "yes, I would do you," to him. I asked him if they are normal looking women or sleazeballs. He said normal. And that he didn't like that--he couldn't get over that many were that way. That was not what he was looking for. Good for him. But I am shocked about the women. Really.

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