Saturday, November 27, 2010

Harry and David Promo Codes And Other Codes

I would like to know more about online coupons. I need to save money and I like to shop, so I need to know how to save money when shopping. I know there are websites out there, where you can get online coupons or coupon codes. And then, wala! you get a discount.

Like for example, you can go to a website to get Harry and David coupon codes and Harry and David coupons. You can then use these to get such items as Harry and David Gift Baskets. I guess it is easy as that. I have tried to use online coupons before, and they haven't worked, but I have had better luck with coupon codes. I am going to figure out how to take advantage of coupon codes, because I want pretty things, but I don't want to pay the pretty prices!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Cheap Auto Insurance

I am always interested in a bargain. Sometimes I don't notice them or am too late to take advantage. I know I spend too much money and that is distressing. I need to make more money and save more money. Find ways to not spend so much money and also cut down on my expenses. I am wanting to do that with my phone bill and insurance right now. I don't usually take enough time to look over my bills and research ways to cut them down.

I've had the same car insurance for a long time, and I probably need to research to see if I can lower it. Any reduction would be welcome. I don't live in West Virginia, but some friends of mine do. They were saying the other day they were going to try to find some cheap WV auto insurance. I'll have to find out what they are doing to research that. I need to find some cheap Tennessee auto insurance!

If I can lower my insurance bill, my phone bill, cut back on eating out, and pay down debt, I might actually be doing well in another year or so. I need to save a lot of money to finance all the dreams I have!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Looking For New Furniture

I am starting to look out for new dining room furniture and maybe even some new bedroom furniture for my guest room. My dining room table was fantastic when I bought it, but now seems a little dated. I would like to get one of those new dark cafe table and chair sets. Very neat!

For the guest bedroom, not sure what to get. Right now, it is kind of mishmash of things. Early career eclectic. It is time to get something new. I have heard of rustic bedroom furniture--might check that out. I just need to go online and look and also visit some furniture stores and see what I like. My niece may come live with me at some point, and I need to think of what she might like. Also, what would be comfortable for guests. I would like to have more guests visit. At least now I have a little disposable income that I can use at some point to buy something. It will be fun to shop. Then at some point, I need a new sofa too. Good times!