Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I Want To Gallivant Around Europe

One of the things I never get enough of is travel. Especially travel to new and unusal places. Exotic places. Any place actually.

I haven't been to Europe in about 4 years, and I am ready to go back. I am wanting to start researching about holidays europe to see what is out there. Price is always a consideration for me, so I will want to find affordable trips. I have found that affordable trips are often the most fun trips. I would also love to go to some of the countries that I have never been to,.

If I were to go by myself, I would want to travel with a group. Or I could try to find a friend or relative to go with me. The last couple times I traveled overseas I visited friends who were living temporarily in Europe, so I didn't have to worry about a travel partner. I just renewed my passport this year, so I am ready to go and looking for an opportunity!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Harry and David Promo Codes And Other Codes

I would like to know more about online coupons. I need to save money and I like to shop, so I need to know how to save money when shopping. I know there are websites out there, where you can get online coupons or coupon codes. And then, wala! you get a discount.

Like for example, you can go to a website to get Harry and David coupon codes and Harry and David coupons. You can then use these to get such items as Harry and David Gift Baskets. I guess it is easy as that. I have tried to use online coupons before, and they haven't worked, but I have had better luck with coupon codes. I am going to figure out how to take advantage of coupon codes, because I want pretty things, but I don't want to pay the pretty prices!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Cheap Auto Insurance

I am always interested in a bargain. Sometimes I don't notice them or am too late to take advantage. I know I spend too much money and that is distressing. I need to make more money and save more money. Find ways to not spend so much money and also cut down on my expenses. I am wanting to do that with my phone bill and insurance right now. I don't usually take enough time to look over my bills and research ways to cut them down.

I've had the same car insurance for a long time, and I probably need to research to see if I can lower it. Any reduction would be welcome. I don't live in West Virginia, but some friends of mine do. They were saying the other day they were going to try to find some cheap WV auto insurance. I'll have to find out what they are doing to research that. I need to find some cheap Tennessee auto insurance!

If I can lower my insurance bill, my phone bill, cut back on eating out, and pay down debt, I might actually be doing well in another year or so. I need to save a lot of money to finance all the dreams I have!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Looking For New Furniture

I am starting to look out for new dining room furniture and maybe even some new bedroom furniture for my guest room. My dining room table was fantastic when I bought it, but now seems a little dated. I would like to get one of those new dark cafe table and chair sets. Very neat!

For the guest bedroom, not sure what to get. Right now, it is kind of mishmash of things. Early career eclectic. It is time to get something new. I have heard of rustic bedroom furniture--might check that out. I just need to go online and look and also visit some furniture stores and see what I like. My niece may come live with me at some point, and I need to think of what she might like. Also, what would be comfortable for guests. I would like to have more guests visit. At least now I have a little disposable income that I can use at some point to buy something. It will be fun to shop. Then at some point, I need a new sofa too. Good times!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Variations On LCD TVs

It is funny when you see an item in basic black for so long, and suddenly they are coming in different colors. Remember when all wheeled luggage was black, and now they come in every color in the rainbow? Sort of like large screen TVs. They all come in black, and now all of a sudden I have seen a white lcd tv. How cool is that? If I hadn't just bought my black one, I might be interested in such a thing. Next, maybe they will come in red and pink?

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tussle Between Brick And Mortar And Online Companies

It was bound to happen. Brick and mortar companies losing money to online retailers have to find a way to compete and stay in business. Hard to do when online prices are cheaper.

But when it involves something like eyeglasses or hearing aids--medical devices--does it make a difference? You have to have a PD--pupillary distance measurement--from pupil to pupil to buy glasses. Online retailers can't do that for you, And brick and mortar retailers, tired of losing business to onliners, have stopped providing it. Translation: customers can't buy their glasses online without it.

One could argue that it matters more--because they are medical devices, they must be correct. Hard to do that online. But maybe a way around it is for online retailers to affiliate with local providers. Buy online; get checked locally. Just a thought.

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Glad I Am Not Studying Anymore

I am glad I am not study for the bar exam anymore. Boy is that a time suck. But on the other hand, once you
have a law license, you are studying anyway, all the time. So I am really still studying, but not under a time restraint.

But it is interesting to walk in a Starbucks and see people hitting the books. Occasionally I will see someone studying for the bar exam, a medical exam, the GMAT, MCAT, the CAT 2011, or any other number of things.

Studying for the bar exam wasn't all bad. It had a good structure and purpose. I knew exactly what I had to do for the temporary future. But it was sure good to pass. And to not have to take it again!

Monday, September 20, 2010

My Condo Is Slowly Looking Better

I don't think I have the housekeeping gene. Or maybe I did have it, but not enjoying living in the same house as my mother and father growing up repressed the gene? Anyway, I have to really work at it. I am never at home, and when I am at home, I am usually too tired to do housework. Except in rare circumstances.

But I am trying to change my habits. Like thinking that housekeeping is fun. And making it as important to me as studying for law school and the bar exam. Maybe that will work???? Make it a huge priority?

Anyway, slowly and surely, I am sorting things out, repairing things, and buying new things. Getting my head above water after many years with it in a book. After I get a few more things repaired, I am going to start looking at new Furniture. I think the first thing I would buy is a new dining room table and chairs. I can't wait!

Body Beautiful: Try A New Nail Color

I only get my nails done, both manicure and pedicure, about once every six weeks. Because of that, I always buy the bottle of nail polish that I pick from the salon, because I know I will have to redo my fingernails. And I don't want to have to run back to the salon for that.

Well, I was dreaming of a lavender or violet shade. I don't know why. It was just in my head. I worried that it might be too wild of a color.

But I got to the salon and saw the perfect bottle of nail color. I had it put on and it is beautiful. Much more than I thought it would be. I recommend trying a new color. Something so small and simple has really made me happy, and that is priceless.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Finding A Restaurant For High School Reunion

I was on the committee for our high school reunion and was in charge of finding a restaurant for our Friday night casual event. I wanted to find a place near our high school and had a lot of choices. There are a number of nice restaurants in the old hood. I started going from restaurant to restaurant, talking with managers about reserving a space for us and collecting a lot of restaurant business cards.

Unfortunately, they all required a set amount we had to spend. I was OK with that, because if everyone just bought two drinks, we would hit that amount. But others on the committee kind of freaked out about it and didn't want that. They were afraid that if we didn't meet that amount (fat chance) that we on the committee would have to make up the difference.

So what we did instead was announced that we were going to a swanky restaurant in another part of town and didn't tell the restaurant! Yes, that is right. That night, the restaurant was a little upset, saying they didn't know we were coming and did not have enough staff. It turned out that about 100 people showed up for the event, but the restaurant handled it all very well. And they made a lot of extra money, and we didn't have to worry about a contract!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Old Cougars

There are not only men who aer dating regular cougars, but men who are dating old cougars. I am not a cougar because I am not dating younger men, but I guess I could be. Not sure how old you have to be to be an old cougar, but I guess it is pretty old. I saw the show Strange Sex, and there was a woman in her 70s going out with a man in his 20s. I guess that would qualify for being an old courgar. She looked good for her age, but it did seem kind of silly. I don't think the guy really knew how old she was either. He did seem kind of shocked. She looked like she could be fun but not to date him!

But hey, Harold and Maude worked, so why not???

Thursday, September 9, 2010

So Many Online Dating Sites

It seems like every week I find out about more dating sites. There are the regular ones, and there are the niche ones. I closed out my Match.com for the time being, because I wasn't spending any time on there, and I wasn't getting any good nibbles. I am a member of Plenty of Fish, or POF, for shorthand. I have had some decent responses from that, but again, I am not spending any time on there. I got a bunch of emails at first, but they are trickling down.

But more and more, I am seeing niche online dating sites. Like the ones for just beautiful people! I saw a bunch of new ones the other day. One thing I know for sure, is that I will not meet my match on the
fitness personals. Even when I am in my best shape, it would not be good enough for a guy who signs up for a site like that. Mama Mia!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Getting Active Again

When I go to the fitness center and see the people on the rock climbing wall, maybe wearing their La Sportiva shoes or other rock climbing paraphernalia, I have to shake my head, That is something I could never do. Don't even have much interest. But seeing people active like that makes me wish for the days when I was more active and did some hardcore hiking. Like up to Mt. LeConte in the Smokys twice. That was my crowning achievement, hiking wise. I am getting in better shape, little by little, but am not sure I could do something strenuous like that no matter how much in shape I am. Now I am concerned about my knees--torn ACL in one knee, and cracked kneecap in the other. Just not sure the knees would hold up in such a hike. So my sights are set on less strenuous forms of exercise.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dragon Tattoo--A Must Read

OMG--you have to read this book. It is very good. A little slow at the beginning, but don't let that stop you. I love it primarily because it is about a writer and a magazine, and that was my career for so long. So I can identify. And then it is a who done it, on top of that. Buy it, and get started. You won't be sorry!

Lasik Surgery

I am blind as a bat and have been so since a child. I would seriously be impaired if I did not have my glasses or contacts. I have thought about lasik surgery before. I think I would be a good candidate, but I have held off. A few friends of mine have gotten it and really like it, but one friend did not have a good outcome. It wasn't terrible, but he is unhappy about it. My other friends really liked it though. They feel freed of not being able to see, or having to wear contacts and glasses all of the time.

I am thinking about it again, because I just got back from vacation. The friend I went with had it done last year, and loves it. She almost has me convinced. It's been a few years since I investigated it, so I am going to start researching the topic again. I am going to look at a lot of lasik sites--maybe this one too. http://www.lajollalasik.com/

I am leaning towards not getting the surgery, but who knows?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Doggie And Kittie Rug Accidents

I have a dog and two cats. The cats are pretty good about going to the bathroom in the litter box, and my dog is actually good at holding his pee-pee until we go outside. But once in a while, he is not so good. Like this morning. I am sure it is my fault for not taking him out later last night. But many nights, he is fine and doesn't have an accident on the carpet. But then, this morning he did. I can't tell what makes the difference. He seems to eat and drink about the same every day. I am trying to be a better housekeeper, and one of the things I need to do is get new carpeting anyway. Between the dog and cats, it is worn out. I can't do that until after the first of the year. So until then, I need to make it look and smell as good as possible. I need to look into one of those pet Odor Eliminators. That will be be a good start to a fresher house.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Can't Wait To Read Twilight Series

I think there is a whole new book market out there: Teen Books for adults. At least I think it may be new. Seems like it started wtih the Harry Potter series. I never read any of those, but I know teens and adults alike were crazy about those.

Now the big deal is the Twilight series. I know several women who have read those books and have been captivated. It is the love story that grabs them, they say. And then of course, there are the movies. I want to read the books first.

I am in the middle of a book right now, and have another one lined up. But I am going to the beach again in October, and maybe I will take Twilight with me. I think that would be a good beach read. I like books that you can't put down, and I hear the books in that series are like that.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

When You Are Not Happy In Your Marriage

I have never been married, so of course I have never been divorced. I both can and can't imagine what it would be like to be in a horrible marriage. I can imagine it, because I have had other horrible relationships in my past. Some I could control and some I couldn't. I have a hard time thinking I would voluntarily put myself in a bad marriage situation or stay in a bad marriage situation, but it happens. I just don't have the fortitude for it. I would like to be married and hope that I am some day. But I am happy being single. I would like to date more, but that is another story! I just have to keep believing htat the right person is out there, and I am worthy of a good relationship and marriage.

But also, if you are married and unhappy for whatever reason, don't stay in it! It does no one any good to stay in a marriage only because you feel sorry for them (one example.) That is not honoring someone. There are many divorce attorneys out there that can help you figure out your situation. If you live in Austin, you can find the name of a Austin Divorce Lawyer; if you live in another jurisdiction, of course you would find an attorney there.

My Friend Is Undergoing Breast Surgery

One of my best friends from high school has been going through a very rough patch lately. She discovered she had breast cancer. She was not totally surprised, as her mom and older sister had already battled it, and she knew she had the gene for it. Still, it was a shock to her. But she rose to the occasion as quickly as she could. They caught her cancer early, and she didn't even need to have chemo. The doctors wanted her to have radiation, however.

She got freaked out by the thought that the cancer might come back though. And when breast cancer comes back, it is usually not good. Best to get rid of it all at once. Then, there is no worry about the future.

So, she did something extreme and had both breasts removed. Her doctors said she didn't need to do that, but she said it would take away her worries about a recurrence. She has already had that surgery done and is looking ahead to her reconstruction. She is checking out a number of possibilities for this, maybe Breast Implants New York is one of them.

I am so inspired by my friend. She took control of her situation and is looking forward to her life with her kids and husband. I admire her so much.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Think New Furniture Is In My Future

I inherited my good bedroom suite from my grandmother, and I love it of course. I moved my old furniture into my guest room. It is comfortable, but not attractive like a lot of those bedroom sets out there. I am wanting to start looking for furniture for that room. I need a new bed, a desk and a dresser. Not sure what kind I will get. I might hold off for a little while to see my niece moves in with me. If she does, she might want to help pick out the furniture. I need to get my mind on domestic things like this. Housework, decorating, storage, etc. Turn on the domestic goddess inside of me! That would be a real magic trick to do that, I gurantee you. I would like to be more focused in that area of my life. I think if I were, other good things would follow: financial freedom, love, money travel. That may be wishing for too much, but you know what I mean. When your house is in order, good things will follow. And it would be in better order if I got some furniture that matched!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Next Season on Celebrity Rehag

I just noticed my typo in my headline, and I was going to fix it, but then thought no. It makes more sense to call Celebrity Rehab Celebrity Rehag. How appropo,

I have watched a season or two of Celebrity Rehab, and I like Dr. Drew, but I have to say the celebrities on that show are the biggest bunch of whiners. I'm not unsympathetic to addicts, and I know it must be hard, but they take entitlement to a whole new level. If they only knew how dumb they look on the show! I am sure they are going through alcohol withdrawal, Suboxone Withdrawal, maybe even heroin or cocain withdrawal. Who knows? I don't pay that much attention to why they are on the show. I don't keep up with their individual details. It is a little bit entertaining to watch. But all I can say is I am glad I am not them, and I am also glad I am not Dr. Drew.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Looking Younger

I am going to a seminar tonight about anti-aging and am looking forward to it. I used to be very up on what was what in the anti-aging arena, but then I went to law school and didn't keep up anymore. I am sure I will find out new information tonight. Some of the info will be the same, I am sure, such as antioxidants help with anti- aging, but there is bound to be new products and research. 

I have a friend who keeps talking about wanting a facelift. She is blond and plays tennis, and I think she got too much sun over the years. Her neck is a little wrinkly. My skin still looks pretty good, but I have been a fiend with using sunscreen. I don't know where she would get her facelift. She lives in a small town in Kentucky, and I doubt she would want to have it there because of the gossip. She has Texas ties, so she might have it there instead. Maybe seek out a plastic surgeon plano doctor or elsewhere. It is a big decision, and she needs to research it and think about it for a while before doing anything.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Need To Be Comfortable At Work

At my previous job, I had a very comfortable chair--so comfortable that sometimes (shhhh) I would close my office door and take a power nap. What they say about power naps is true--just shut your eyes for 20-30 minutes and let your brain shut off for a little while, and you will be refreshed. Sometimes I would feel so exhausted, in the afternoon, but after a little shuteyem leaning back, I would be like brand new.

In my current job, I don't have a private office. I share a work space with four other people. So no more power naps. But sometimes you still need to relax for a minute. I would love to lean back in a comfy chair to rest and reflect. You can get better ideas that way. My chair now has a low back--not so good for leaning back. I may investigate those Big And Tall Office Chairs that some people have. Maybe I'll get to go shopping for office furniture sometime soon. The other problem is there is a knob on my chair that connects the seat to the chairback, and it keeps coming unscrewed. If I am not careful, I could land on the floor. That would not be good.

Body Beautiful: Add Lemon To Your Water

I never really liked putting lemon in my water. I never saw the point, and the splash of lemon didn't add enough flavor to make it seem worthwhile, and I couldn't imagine that it would add any nutritional value. I recently read, however, that putting lemon in your ice water can rev up your metabolism by 30 percent. I now love putting lemon in my water!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jake And Vienna's Breakup

I have to admit that I love the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows. I don't know why--many people hate them, but I really like them. I guess I have had such trouble dating and finding my soulmate that I am intrigued by the mistakes and successes other have in dating.

Right now I am watching the update on Jake and Vienna's breakup. Even though I like Jake better than Vienna, it is not looking good for him right now. Maybe he needs someone to coach him on Sweet things to say to your girlfriend. Too bad--hate that things are so bad between them. She is saying that instead of working as a pilot, he is trying to start an acting career in L.A. And he hardly ever kisses her. And he has hardly talked at all with her parents. That would be difficult if you thought your marriage was going to be one thing and then it was something else. Sounds like she told some intimate details about their relationship to the press. And got paid for it. I missed that issue.

And he was on Dancing With The Stars? I missed that too.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fourth of July: Let The Fun Begin

I am a holiday nut--there is no holiday I don't like. Everyday could be a holiday as far as I am concerned. But 4th of July is particularly fun, I think. One reason is it is in the heart of the summer, and usually there is some form of swimming, boating, fishing, skiing, or the like. And the food! Mostly junk food of course: hots and hamburgers. Brownies, etc. It is one day that we can eat junk food without feeling guilty. And the beer! I am mostly a wine drinker, but once in a while like beer, and I really like the different and new kinds of beer. I am amazed when I go to the grocery store and see the vast array of beers: all of the honey wheats, which I love, the Japanese beers, which I love, the old standbys like Rolling Rock, which I love, Pacifico Webtrek, and the list goes on and on. Used to be you had basic beer choices like Miller, Bud, Michelob, either high test or light. Now, there are almost as many beers as wines. I can see why beer tasting has become an event now. Plenty of new versions to try. I have never been to a beer tasting, but I would like to do that at some point. I might be surprised at what all is out there to try.

Repeat After Me: I Am Sexy, I Am Sexy, I Am Sexy

These words are really directed at me. I am telling myself to do this. I haven't been feeling too sexy for a while. Too much in my head. Too much looking in the mirror. Ouch. But I used to be sexy, and I used to feel sexy. The first step in getting where you want to be is to behave AS IF. So, I am Sexy, I am Sexy, I am Sexy.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Updating My Condo

I am in the mood to update my condo, and I need to do so to get it ready for the time that I rent it out. That wiol probably be a long time off, but still I need to think ahead. I need to get some new furniture, some snazzy furniture, maybe some eco friendly furniture. That would fit in with my style. But first, I need to do some repairs--replace one of my toilets, get a new dishwasher, add shelving to my laundry room. After I get those things done--hopefully by the end of the year--maybe then I can switch my focus to furniture. I need a new dining table and chairs, a new desk or dresser for my guest room (can't decide which); there is limited room in there. Also need a new sofa, but I guess that can wait for a while. I am going to get the cushions recovered on my chairs in the living room, rather than getting new chairs, so that will save me some money.

But most of all, I need to stay on top of my housework. I am so busy, I let it slide. I should get a housekeeper, but haven't gotten my head around that yet.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Car's Not Working, Waiting On the Tow Truck

I stuck at Kroger's waiting for the two truck to come. My car died on me in the parking lot, and I am hoping against hope that whatever is wrong is covered under my warranty. Things could be worse though; Kroger now has a nice seating area that has wifi. So it is giving me some time to work on my computer and reflect on my life a little bit.

What has gone on in my dating life lately? Well....not much. Why do I feel like I have a force field around my life when it comes to romance? That no hint of romance can penetrate?

I had dinner last week with an old friend from high school who was in town. I always had the feeling he had a crush on me, particularly in junior high. Well, we had a nice dinner that lasted four hours. So he wasn't in a hurry to get away. But I didn't feel the slightest bit of interest from him. Of course, I am not the skinny cute girl me anymore. And he is even more of a fuddy duddy than he was. I know I am more wild and crazy than him, so it wouldn't work out. But funny how you sort of want sparks anyway, ya know?

The latest guy on plenty of fish to have a bonafide back and forth with me is now history, by my choice. Apparently he rides his bike every Saturday and Sunday morning very early, and then goodness knows what he does with the rest of his days. He wanted me to go for a walk in the woods with him. Ah, no thanks. I said why don't we do coffee instead? He had to do it early in the morning, and he had to leave to go home by 10 a.m. Ah, no thanks, those are my days off and I don't want to get up that early.

Why do guys have to be so wierd?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

When I Am Miserable, I Watch Horror Flicks

The Human CentipedeI really don't mind horror movies and kind of actually like them on occasion. I wrote a paper on horror movies for my psychology class in grad school, and know that people often use scary movies or books for a catharsis. Like something is not going right in your life, so you get your fears out through scary things. Fairy tales do the same for young children. When you watch the movie or read the book, you then feel stronger by thinking about what you would have done in such a case. In effect, you are slaying dragons vicariously, and it helps you slay dragons in real life.

So I don't mind watching things like Open Water, (the first one, not the second one) because whatever bad is happening in my life, at least I am not stuck out in the ocean and about to be eaten by sharks. That makes me feel better about my situation.

When I was studying for the bar exam, I watch the Saw series. The ones that were out by then. Wierd but true. The Saw movies are really graphic and gross, but does have a plot line. The main character is upset that people don't appreciate their lives, so kidnaps his selected victims, and sets up a game, whereby they can save their life if they are willing to go to extreme lengths to do what he asks. Suddenly, the bar exam did not seem so bad.

Today, I was stuck at home with a non working air conditioner, which is bad when you live in the south. And I was stuck at home all day sweating it out. So to make myself feel better, I watched Human Centipede. I had read all kinds of press about how it was the sickest movie of all time, but  I can't agree.

Yes, it is disturbing and vile, but kind of in that unbelieveable way. The crazy German doctor is just a caricature. And why would the girls trust him anyway, when they had already been approached, after getting a flat tire in the woods, by a demented and perv German in a mercedes benz? Makes no sense.

This may be a stretch, but I wondered if this film also isn't a comment on ethics and medicine. The renowned German doctor famous for separating siamese twins was as proud of the three people he put together as Frankenstein was of his monster. But just because you can do something medically, should you? The answer is obviously no.

I admit, I did wretch a time or two during the film. But I repeat, it is a dumb flick. So I think that Saw is the winner of the grosses films ever.

Friday, June 4, 2010

My Cute Little Kitties

I have the best little kitties--Scoot and Shoot--aren't those cute names? I have had some cantankerous cats in my past, these two are just sweet. They are not as cuddly as my cats in the past, but they are better behaved. And sweet. I couldn't ask for better to be honest. And I feel so lucky about that. I am just not sure what to give them to eat. They are over a year old, so I don't think I should give them kitten food anymore. Some of the adult cat food I have given them has made one or the other sick to their stomach. Can't tell which one. I am wanting to find some wholesome cat food that will make them healthy and strong, but not give them belly that too many cats get. You know what I mean? Three of my past four cats had that belly that would sway back and forth when they ran. One didn't. These two don't have it yet, and I want to keep it that way. I'll just have to check out different kinds of food to see what would be best for them going forward.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Love My New TV!

I never have much spare money, but I did use my tax refund wisely, and bought some things for my home. Some new wonderful blinds and a 22 inch lcd tv. Just those two things have made the difference. I am lovin' it! Now, if I could just get busy and finish reorganizing everything else, things would be even better! I am slowly getting there. If I didn't have so many fun things to do at night, I would be a better housekeeper. But who wants to give up a social life just to have a tidy home? Not me. But I need to be better. I am better in fact, but I need to be even better. Actually, housekeeping is starting to be fun for me again, and that is a really good sign. Now, off to watch more of the Real Housewives!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Real Housewives of NYC: Which Camp Are You In?

I hate to admit it, but I love The Real Housewives of NYC. I think it is the best of the Real Housewives shows. The characters seem more real, and more...bitchy. OK, the other housewives are bitchy too, but the NYC ones rule supreme.

The NYC chicks have divided into two camps: the camp of LuAnne, Kelly, and Jill, and the other camp of Alex, Bethenny, Sonja, and Ramona. After watching many, many hours of this show, and seeing the camps really dividing, I have to say I would feel more comfortable with the Alex, Bethenny, Sonja and Ramona group. I could not stand being with LuAnne, Kelly, and Jill. LuAnne, may be Ok, but Kelly has become psychotic, and Jill is so codependent, it is ridiculous Kelly and Jill wake up. You are ridiculous!

Friday, May 14, 2010

I Need Some Really Good, Really Cool Sunglasses

I don't wear rain coats, and I don't carry umbrellas. I don't like to wear winter coats, and I usually don't wear Sunglasses. Get the picture? I tend not to bother with anything that is a bother.

However, I am rethinking sunglasses. There are a lot of cool pairs out there, and they make you look good. They are also good for your eyes. I didn't realize until recently that you can do damage to your eyes by being out in the sunlight without sunglasses. So I am going to go shopping soon. I think some Raybans are in order. Definitely something leopard to go with all of my animal print clothes. I am going to be at the pool a lot this summer, and probably doing some reading out in the sun, so I definitely need some sunglasses that cut out glare and all the UVA, UVB stuff too.

Here's to looking good and eye health too!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Subliminal Tapes--I Need Your Help!

About 15 years ago, I was desperately trying to figure out why I can't attact love. I am attractive, smart, kind, funny, but ambitious and independent. Why couldn't I attract love? I surmised it had something to do with the last two traits I mentioned. I don't like to be tied down and kept back, the way I see some other women in their marriages. I don't want to end up with a controlling partner, or contra, a partner who brings you down. I also figured it must have something to do with an invisible aura I have--I must be sending out "stay away" vibes and I can't change it.

So back then, I bought some subliminal tapes, called "Attracting Love." I listened to them a lot, like I was supposed to. One side had a speaking voice, the other just music. It was very calm, quiet music, but something in it made me cry at moments, or at least feel emotional. It was really touching my inner self.

Well, shortly after I met David, whom I thought might be the one. He wasn't, but he showed up like clockwork and was a good candidate. We dated for a while, until I didn't feel I could go any further with it.

So, many years later, I feel stuck again. I see older, less pretty women find boyfriends. Why can't I? Again, it must have to do with the vibes I am sending out. So yesterday, I ordered, "Attract Love" from Brain Sync. There is no voice on either track--just music. Today is my second day to listen to the music. I'll report back and let you know what happens. I am looking forward to some magic!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Online Education Is Good Way To Upgrade Skills

It is amazing how things have changed in the last decade. When online education first came on board, people were wary. Is this the new correspondence school route, people wondered?  No one wants those degrees that you can get out of the back of a comic book.

But now, online education is very respectable, and people are recognizing it as such. I am sure this is a byproduct of the internet and everyone's way of life. We pay bills online, expose your life online, why not get a degree online? Everyone is comfortable with it now. And not to mention that it makes getting a degree so much easier. You can go to class in your PJs, for example.

Some degrees are more amenable to the online format, such as a Doctor of Business Administration (DBA), Doctor of Education (Ed.D.),or Master of Public Health (MPH). I just got my J.D. (which is not really amenable to online education. I know some schools are offering it, but it is sstill not really respected.) But I have always wanted an MBA (good choice for online) and the master of public health is very interesting to me. I have always been interested in medicine, and a degree like that would be tremendously valuable now.

Anyway, it is great that online education is here to stay. So many people can better themselves now than in the past, when many would have to travel great distances to go to school.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Bel Canto--A Book You Can't Put Down

I love books that you can't put down. Ones you read far into the night and wake up with the book over your face, with the pages furled.  I can't find enough books like that, and when I do, I savor it like a fine wine.

 I heard author Ann Patchett speak once and was captivated by her style. And her subject matter. All of her books are so different, but all spellbinding--at least the ones I have read. I took Bel Canto to the beach and couldn't think about anything else for two days while I raced toward the end of the novel. Set in South America, it is about an opera singer, wealthy people, and some thugs. But it is also about relationships and how people can form the most unlikely alliances, even in a crisis.

An Unexpected Partner?

What would you do if you found yourself falling in love with a transgendered person, even if you are very straight? There was a very sweet article today on msnbc.com about a straight woman falling in love with a transgendered man. And it didn't matter to her.

I have thought the chances of that happening today is greater as more and more people have transgender surgery. I think it is wonderful for people to follow their heart, but I have to admit that I am not sure I could be so open minded as the author.


Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So Sad--Two Young Writers Have Recently Died

I have been very sad about two young writers recently dying--Eva Markvoort of cystic fibrosis, and Alicia Parlette of sarcoma. Both were in their 20s and not shy about writing about their lives and illnesses in their blogs. As a writer myself, I can see the value in this. It would be therapeutic to get it all down, to report on your own life. Plus, it would be a great vehicle to connect with your friends and families. And for Markvoort and Parlette, the circle kept getting larger and larger--both had a following around the world. Whether readers were attracted to the wonderful writing and photographs in the blogs, or because they were part of the respective disease communities, they all became friends of the writers--albeit virtual friends--and felt more alive and inspired because of it.

My Condo Makeover

I am starting to come out of my law school/bar exam haze and making my life more normal. I know it has been a year since I found out that I passed the bar and that seems like a long time to take to get back to normal. Well, it has been a slow process. Like when all that has been on your mind for five years has been studying, work, and sleep (OK, eating too), rearranging and updating your house is not at the top of your list. But now I am getting my head out of the sand and looking around. Now I have the time to do these things, but not always the money. But I am doing something here and there to spruce up my place.

I have gotten a new flat screen TV, and I am getting new blinds put in. I have cleaned out my closets! I am asking the management company to look at the exterior shutters and maybe get some new ones. I need a new dishwasher, toilet, and new carpeting, but I will have to space those out. Mainly, it is just looking around and throwing out things I don't need, organizing, and filing all those darn papers I have to deal with!

Monday, April 26, 2010

POF Guy #1

Ok, I met this one guy from Plenty of Fish. We have a friend in common--we knew that before we got together. We both like this friend, but neither of us have seen him in ages. But at least, that gave us a little common ground.

He chose a nice place for us to go. It was a comedy club, and we were going to have dinner there beforehand. He was nicer looking in person, which is a nice change. And we both like comedy, which i sa good start.

But the bad part is he hasn't worked in years--been on disability. That by itself doesn't bother me. But I am so active, so ambitious, that dating someone with severe depression may not work for me. Plus, he is in a totally different religion from me, and that could be problemmatic. And he still has too many ties to his last girlfriend. So, all in all, this is a "next."

Monday, April 19, 2010

Alicia Parlette--One Young Woman's Courageous Battle With Cancer

If you haven't heard of Alicia Parlette, you must get to know her. She is only 28 years old and is dying of cancer. That is the very, very sad part. The good part is that she is a wonderful person and has lived her life to the fullest, and is an inspiration to everyone around her.  After graduating from college, she got her dream job as a copy editor with the San Francisco Chronicle. She was only 23 when she was diagnosed with sarcoma, a rare form of cancer that has no cure or good treatments. What made the situation even worse was that she had just lost her mother to cancer a few years earlier.

She started reporting in the paper on her battles with cancer, her treatment, and her efforts to live a normal life. Her writing is beautiful and will draw you in. You feel more alive by just reading her story. She has friends around the world, many of whom she has met, but many she hasn't. Her articles have been turned into a book titled. Alicia's Story.

I wish we could all have the rich successful life that she has had in her short 28 years. Keep her in your prayers.

Read This to Become a Germophobe

I have never been a germophobe, but I will if I keep reading things like this: http://health.msn.com/health-topics/articlepage.aspx?cp-documentid=100256552>1=31036  This is the second article like this I have read in as many weeks.

I live by myself and am not as tidy as I would like to be. And maybe not as clean. I don't scour the sink, sometimes I wait longer than a week to change the sheets, don't launder a washcloth after every use, reuse my coffee cup at work, etc. But not after reading this article!  I am healthy and have a good immune system, so I have never been over-worried about things like this. But now I am going to be more in tune to the info in this article. I guess that is a good thing?????? Just don't want to become like Howie Mandel.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Plenty Of Fish Seems Happenin'

A relative of mine recently told me she had found someone nice on Plenty of Fish or POF as it is called. I had wanted to try it out for a while, and her success encouraged me to sign up. It is a free dating site, and I like free! I had put it off earlier, because of some negatives I had heard about it, like--you get what you pay for! And all the guys just trolling for sex are on it.

Well, I am not sure about that. But I do know that I have had a lot more responses from POF than I have had from Match.com lately. Match seems like a barren land to me anymore, and it costs $30 a month! I may just cancel my subscription to it for a while, but still keep my profile up. I haven't had any good bites from Match in a long time.

But I have had a string of seemingly nice men contacting me on POF. I have only met two, and they both liked me. (More on this later.) Another one seemed annoyed that I had stopped writing him and didn't call him back soon enough (still haven't met this one and probably won't.)

So at least so far, I like POF. I am not sure why nice men wouldn't be on it. If I like free, I am sure they do too.

Dating Update

I don't think I will ever do speed dating again. OK, saying never again is a little strong, and I may reneg on this. But I just did my third speed dating event (one a year). This one was no better. I had said in an earlier post that during the prior two events, men seemed to want to get together with me to pick my brains about my career/s. I have had two: editor and lawyer, and both seem to bring out the guy magnets who want to be either/or. And this event was no different. But I am not doing speed dating to network. I am doing it to find someone I want to date. I just don't think my best self comes out during speed dating. Maybe it's not just not my style.

All Dog Lovers Must Read This Book

I just finished reading The Art of Racing in the Rain a book written from a dog's point of view. I know it sounds hokey, but since I finished reading it, I look at my dog differently. I keep thinking, what is he thinking about me, and how would the narrative about his life read? It is a beautifully written book and is a fast read. I couldn't put it down. And it has made me a lot more sympathetic towards my furry read.

Monday, March 29, 2010

How To Find Inexpensive Nice Looking Glasses

I am the type of person that has to try on every pair of eyeglasses in the store before I buy a new pair. Sometimes two or three times. Then I fret. Do I really like these frames or not? It is a painful process, because I have never felt like I looked good in glasses. It goes back to grade school you know. All glasses looked awful back then. And then I discovered contact lenses, and my life changed forever. But you can't wear contacts all the time. It's not good for your eyes.

So a few years back, I started looking at glasses that I could actually wear out in the day of light and not feel embarrassed. The frames had become much more attractive, and I found a couple of them that I could tolerate. And then I lost one pair. Uh oh! I really need two pairs, as sometimes I can't find one for a while, but then discover them under a pile of dirty clothes or junk mail. This time I think my second pair is gone for good, however, so I need to bite the bullet and buy another one.

I read an article about Zenni Optical that says you can buy good glasses online for as little as $8!
http://www.examiner.com/x-28795-Brooklyn-Liberal-Examiner~y2009m11d13-Cheap-eyeglasses-are-a-reality-Check-out-Erics-review-of-Zenni-Optical Wow--that would be great, as I have had to take a cut in pay and every little bit helps. Still need to get a prescription, but I need to do that anyway. I can't try the frames on obviously, but maybe I could try a few on in the store, to see what looks good on me and then buy one from this website?? Or maybe I can just get over my hangup about me in glasses and go for it.

More Speed Dating

I have signed up for another speed dating event tomorrow night. Will this one be any better? The last two have only resulted in men wanting to pick my brains about my career. I think I just have to go, have a glass of wine and not care. The problem is my skin is not very thick, so when I immediately know there is no spark for them, it kind of bothers me, you know? I will report back.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

How Soon Do You Ask A Guy If He Is Married?

I found this great article online today: http://www.cnn.com/2010/LIVING/personal/01/20/rr.dating.question.or.trust/index.html?hpt=Sbin

It points out how you might want to ask a man if he is married before you get too excited about him. But then it also asks the question, how soon is too soon to ask such a question?

I generally don't like to ask such questions. After all, if a man seems interested in me, is asking me all kinds of questions, wouldn't he be single? Why would he waste his time on me like that if he is not available?

The problem there is that I am superimposing my thinking on him. If I were not available, I wouldn't waste all of that time asking a stranger so many questions. Why bother? I have too many other things to do with my time.

I found out the hard way last year on a cruise. We weren't five minutes out of port, when a man glommed himself onto me. I mean glommed. It was like he couldn't live without me--someone he didn't know five minutes before. "Let's have dinner; let's have drinks. You can check your email on my computer. I can quiz you on that test you are going to have when you get back."

Huh? He was like on overdrive. At dinner, he wanted to know every aspect of my life...every little detail. I just assumed he was single and getting to know me. Wrong. At the end of the evening, when we walked to the elevator, I happened to ask him if he was going to the singles event the next day. "I can't; I'm not single," he replied. "You're not!" I said. I didn't even have to say anymore. He bolted away, and the next day and for the rest of the week on the cruise, he was always on the arm of another woman who wasn't his wife.