Monday, April 7, 2008

Rock of Love Again

I am really enjoying Rock of Love right now, much more than the new Bachelor. Of course the Bachelor just started a new season, so maybe it hasn't gained enough steam yet. But it doesn't seem as interesting right now. Rock of Love is down to two women now, and the finale will be next week. I think he really likes Daisy, and it is funny how she has him twisted up in a ball. He thinks she is a good person but that she hasn't been as forthcoming as she should about her past. I think that is funny--that a rock star is worried about someone not being forthcoming about her past. I wonder if he is being forthcoming about his? Maybe he is, but I just wonder. But the fact that she she has him so twisted up is good. Keeping a guy on edge increases his interest. I didn't really care for Destiney, and she is the one who was sent home, but it was sad about her father who had liver cancer. The families of the women came to visit the show this past week, and he and Bret rode motorcycles together. It was definitely a poignant moment.

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