Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Political Candidate Sparking the War in Georgia? Surely You Jest (Not)

I couldn't believe it when I heard the news today about Putin saying that one of the U.S. political candidates for president had something to do with the war in Georgia. Or should I say, the machines behind the political candidates. Now, I wonder which one it could be. Thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking.........thinking some more. I know--the republicans! They want to scare people into voting for a conservative. You know that having a another conservative in the White House, plus all the baggage that comes with it, is the only way we can be safe. Now I hope you know that I am kidding about that only a conservative can make us safe. I am not kidding about a conservative being behind the war in Georgia. I find that truly believable. They are that manipulative and that desperate.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Auto Body Shops

I know I have had my share of fender benders (and one really bad wreck) and had to make the rounds of auto body shops to get estimates. Most of my car damage occurred on campus when the students would just willy nilly bump into my car in the parking garage. I don't know how many times I had to call parents, who were always willing to get my car repaired without notifying their insurance companies. Trying to track down body shops and going to get estimates would be time consuming. Now I know if I need to do that again, there is a more efficient way to track down and contact shops.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

John Edwards' Affair

I am really saddened by John Edwards' affair. Not only was it unwise, but it was hurtful to his family. I am sure he is just as troubled by it. He wouldn't feel good about himself cheating on his dying wife. But it is not OK. What is almost worse is Rush Limbaugh's comments about it: He practically said that it was Elizabeth Edwards fault because she talks too much. What a jerk.

I Love Discussion Forums

I have gotten a lot of delight from online discussion forums. I am a regular member of my law school one, and I have frequented other law school sites. Also, I am a member of a couple of dating forums, blogging forums, and in the past have been a member of a couple of disease forums. There is a forum for everything! Not only can you ask questions, you can get support from like minded people, and share your story to people from all over the world 24/7. How cool is that?

A friend and I are going to start an informational website, and I mentioned to her that I would like it to include a forum. I want to find a company that offers Free Forum Hosting. Finding out this information would be helpful, as my friend and I will get together again in about another week to start talking about some of the details for the website.

Body Beautiful: No Detox Diets

I have done the Hollywood 48 diet a couple of times. It does work. I have lost some pounds, although maybe not as many as 10 during 48 as what they publicize. It is a hassle to do--nothing to eat or drink for 48 hours except for their juice mixture and as much water as you can stand. Each time it did make me feel better afterwards and did jumpstart my dieting. I was thinking about doing it again, as I desperately need to get in shape. But I read an article online yesterday about the dangers of detox diets. Hair loss, brain damage, etc. I guess this probably can happen with diets that last longer than 48 hours, but now I am a little leery about even 48 hours. All I know is that I need to start exercising and watching what I eat. Maybe tonight.