Monday, April 7, 2008

Hooked on Infomercials

Ever hear someone say they are hooked on infomercials? I have. I have been mesmerized by infomercials myself a time or two. It usually happens late at night. I have been dozing on the sofa with the TV on and suddenly the programming turns to "paid programming." Sometimes I am too lazy to change the channel, and I am not ready to go to bed yet. So I get pulled in. You not only learn a lot of information about the product, but you may also learn about someone's experience with it, which helps personalize the item to you. When you see that item in a store or the Web, it can bring a smile to your face, like an old friend. (Well not quite, but you know what I mean.)

As Seen on TV Products Website features a lot of the products you see on TV. I had a good time looking through the products on the site. My sister uses The Principal Secret skin care system, and it was on there. And it wasn't too expensive either! I was also interested in the Urine Gone stain remover. The other day for the first time Loopot wet my bed of all things. Not Cool! I know he was hungry and mad. He was very overweight and had to cut down on his food, and he is not happy. But he had never wet outside his litter box before, so it concerned me. I hope he doesn't do it again. I may have to order that product.

The site has reviews, which is particularly good for some of the health related items, so you can know what is in the product and how it works. Very user friendly site! It also helps to know where to find a product. Sometimes you just can't write down that 800 number from the TV fast enough. So you get a second chance on the website.

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