Friday, November 30, 2007

Finding a Guy in Nashville

According to Men's Health Magazine, for women over 35, finding love in Nashville is only half as difficult as finding it in San Jose, CA.

According to an item today on, the magazine "crunched numbers on seven categories that have a bearing on how great a city might be for finding guys.The categories are ratios of single men to single women and of gay to straight; divorce rates; fitness; philanthropy; education; and the thrill factor places where guys and girls do the kind of fun stuff that makes hearts race and bonds form."

Nashville ranked 51 on the list, and San Jose, number 1.

Hmmm. Does divorce rate mean more people get divorced in San Jose than in Nashville, opening up more possiblities??? The article does not explain that.

Here are some of the cities that jumped out at me on the list:

1) San Jose
9) Washington, D.C. (This surprises me--I used to hear there were more women than men in D.C.)
11) Charlotte, N.C. (Will have to tell my friend who lives there.)
17) New York City (Like D.C., this surprises me--had always heard there was a man shortage there. Maybe a realignment in these cities in the recent past??)
21) Anchorage (OK, no surprise there.)
51) Nashville (Glad my city made the list in the top half)
78) Memphis (Glad we beat Memphis in this.)
81) Pittsburgh (My other favorite city)
84) Cheyenne WY (very surprising--isn't this where all the cowboys live?)
90 Billings MT (well, if the cowboys aren't in Cheyenne and not in Billings, where are they?)
101) Buffalo, NY. (I guess this is why the show Matchmaker takes place there.)

Online Activity

One thing that I find ineffective with men's responses in online dating: They seem to want immediate reaction/gratification. Such as in if they email you and want to meet you, they want to meet you NOW!

The problem is, most women, including myself, want to meet someone, but we can't always rearrange our lives to meet you today or tomorrow. I don't know how many times someone has emailed me, wanting to get together right away, and when I say I can't get together for a few days or a week, I don't hear from them again.

What that tells me is that you are not that interested to begin with, and then why should I bother? If you can't even wait a week to meet someone you say you are interested in?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Did I Say I Was a Sucker for Love Reality Shows?

Yes, I think I did. I came home from my law society dinner and turned on the TV. Guess what? It was the "After the Final Rose Ceremony Show." I just love this stuff. I have never seen an episode of this latest season. I thought it was on Monday nights, when I have class. I don't have class on Tuesdays. Have I missed a whole season unbeknownst to me?

Well, anyway, apparently, the season is over, and the latest bachelor didn't choose either of the two finalists. I missed the discussion with the runner-up. But I did see the discussion with the finalist whom everyone thought had won Brad's heart.

He said he thought it was the right thing to not choose either one. He had not fallen in love. Well that is right and if that is the case, then that makes sense. However, he came off badly. He could have explained it better. And as to the girl......NEXT!
Do not waste time on men who do not love you and do not want to be with you. (I have finally learned this after year of heartache.) Move on!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Evil Drink

One lobster emailed me and seemed fine. His picture was so-so, but his profile seemed nice, especially since he said he was liberal, which is very rare on in Nashville, TN. There are too many conservatives for my taste.

I didn't email him back right away, just because I was busy. OK, I do have a policy about not emailing back right away--I like to wait 24 hrs at least. But I think I waited a little longer than that. He wrote me back wondering if I didn't like his picture. I have to admit that hit me wrong--that maybe he was a little too sensitive or that he didn't have good self esteem??? He could have just been kidding, but that is not how I took it.

I wrote back and said no that I thought his picture was fine, but that I wondered about something else. He put on his profile in big letters at the very top that he did not drink alcohol. I do drink alcohol--not in excess, but I do enjoy wine and beer, and it is not a problem for me. I go to a lot of functions that include alcohol.

I said to him that I noticed he did not drink alcohol and I did. Would that be a problem?

He wrote back and said he knew the evils of alcohol and that it was too early to ask me not to drink.

Yes, of course. I don't think that would be appropriate at all.

I am sorry that he has a problem with alcohol, but many people don't. He is going to have to learn how to co-exist with those who do drink.

Of course, a partner of his could choose not to drink. But that would have to come from a place of deep concern for him, which you do not just to get right away. Wouldn't it be better for him to learn how to live in this world? Since the temptation is all around--it seems that would be the better route than to ask someone else not to do it.

Friday, November 16, 2007

I am a Sucker for Love Reality Shows

I know for sure I am a lost cause now. I was cleaning house tonight with the TV on. Wasn't sure what was on, so did a bit of surfing. Landed on VH1 and there was a new reality show on--A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila. I have no friggin idea who Tila Tequila is, but tuned into the show just as she was doing the "rose" ceremony, but in this case, it is the "key" ceremony. Of course, that hooked me right away. I guess the unique thing about this show is that she must be bi--because there are both men and women in the running for the "shot at love." She let both men and women go. At the end of the episode, the last two women got into a serious cat fight. I found all of this interesting, even though I have no idea who the players are. I am a lost cause!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Another Date Zero

It has been a while since I posted. I had a little barren ground with online dating, and then I got a few good responses right in a row. One was from a physician, quite a bit older than me, but interesting and liberal. His photos looked nice and we decided to meet today.

Well, it seems I have no luck right now. Although he is the of the right politcial persuasion, he goes too far. Now that is wild for me to say, as I often go too far in expressing my ideas. I don't have a lot of tolerance for conservative nonsense. Well, he takes it a step too far to the point that he seems to be non approachable. I found it wierd as I am probably one of the few people he has run into that share his views, and yet he was sort of repelling me. Like he had a barrier up. It is a shame--we could have had an easier time talking about the things we believe in, but I felt that he was keeping himself apart.

Finding someone is so hard.