Friday, December 19, 2008

IRL Dating Nightmare

I had the world's worst date a week ago. And no it wasn't with an online match. It was with an In Real Life guy that I have known for years. Yes, that is right. That I have known for years. It was so bad in fact, that I am almost ready to hang it up with relationships. And I have never said that before. (I don't really mean this--just venting.) All I know is that I came home from the date and was pretty much immobilzed with depression all night. Just laid on the sofa and could only watch TV. I wasted a whole night because of that jerk. But I felt like I had been beaten up. Just literally of course. But I was astounded at my reaction. I really felt like I had been beaten up. And all I could do is lay on the sofa and not move. By Sunday, I was OK.

I will reveal more of this story later. But the kicker is I have to see this ass again tonight. We are going to the same party, separately of course. I could stay home, but I can't resist the opportunity to let him know how displeased I am. Can I pull it off? I hope so.

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