Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Setting Financial Goals

I am becoming more and more of a believer that if you write your goals down, it will help you reach those goals. Both in love and other areas of life. I am going to write down goals for my lovelife and what traits I want in a mate. But I am also going to write down my financial goals. I have been a financial dum-dum far too long. Among my goals, I am going to write down that I want to someday buy meme's and pepe's house, buy another beautiful house, be able to afford to travel at whim and have nice clothes, donate to charity, maybe adopt a child. That is hugely ambitious. To do some or all of these things, I will need some financial advice. George Divel is a financial advisor and his website lays out some great information. Such as he believes in writing down financial goals to make them happen. And that he stays on top of his clients' needs. That he provides a higher level of customer service than some other firms. He also has a blog on his website that gives some great financial tips. I am going to start taking that kind of advice more seriously.

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