Monday, January 26, 2009

Lap Band Surgeries A Good Alternative to More Invasive Procedures

I am nowhere near needing weight loss surgery, and hope I never do, but I have several friends who do need it. I have talked with one of them about it, and she wants to have it, but her insurance won't cover it. She is going to save up money to have it done, and then save up more money to have the body lift to get rid of the excess skin. So, obviously she won't be having it for a while.

I also watch the health channel a lot, and they do a lot of shows on obesity and weight loss surgery, etc. I have learned that lap band surgery can sometimes be a better surgical choice, since it is not as invasive as gastric bypass. If you are interested in a lap band procedure, you need to choose a doctor who has a lot of surgical experience and offers a good aftercare program. .

A New Year, A New Me

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I just got back from a cruise. I was worried because I wasn't "cruise ready." Meaning I am overweight and out of shape. Not bathing suit ready. Well to tell you the truth--I shouldn't have worried. No one else on the cruise ship was in shape or bathing suit ready either. It took me half a week to get my nerve up to put on my bathing suit and get in the pool. But I did it, and I actually looked better than most people there. That is not to say that I still don't need to get in shape. I do! Luckily I have a free three month gym membership waiting for me. I am hoping to start this weekend. I need to feel those endorphins!

Shoes, shoes, shoes

I gave a friend at Christmas a little pillow that had inscribed on it: You can never have too many friends or shoes. Very true on both accounts. I really need to update my wardrobe, including shoes. Being in law school for four years and then studying for the bar cuts down on your money and shopping time. Plus, you really don't need all the fancy shoes and clothes when your nose is in a book all of the time. But when I am done studying, I am going to update my wardrobe for sure. Shoes included.

I have been looking at a few shoe websites and love the dani black shoes. I have seen them mentioned in Elle and Marie Claire magazines and others. They are great! The website is easy to navigate, and you can look at all the cool styles. I mostly wear flats, and they have some really cute styles. I need to branch out more and wear more heels. They have those too! The owners of daniblack have a lot of history with the shoe business. The husband and wife team are also connected to Schwartz and Benjamin, a longtime New York shoe manufacturer, so they know shoes. And they know what we want to wear!

Hope My Relative Is OK

I hate to get bad news. I just got home from vacation and found out that a favorite relative of mine may have a problem. She had been feeling dizzy (unbeknownst to me) and had gone to the doctor. They did a cat scan and found a mass. They don't know what it is yet. She just found out about it last week, and another relative told me last night. She is someone I lean on, rely on, love a lot. I don't know what I would do without her. I pray that she is OK and that it is nothing. At least nothing bad.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Getting Your Paint On

Have you ever just wanted to splat someone with paint? I have, and I could do it now. Get my paint on. Get my paint all over you. There are a variety of paint gun packages out there. Check out jt paintball. Paintball sounds better than exercising to take care of some of that adrenaline!

Back Home Again

I have just returned from a much needed vacation. A much needed vacation. I was on a cruise and loved it. My lungs have been screaming out for sea air for some time now, and I got a lungful last week. It was lovely. Even sailed to another country. I could have been on the ship for a few more days actually. I was really sad to get off the ship. But I have to say coming home and getting welcomed by my three furry friends tonight was awesome. I love them. And I am glad to come home to my doggy and kitties. kissy kissy.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Rating Excercise Programs: Which Ones Are Best?

Well the answer to my question in my last post is no. No I cannot make my legs look better in 20 days, because I have only exercised once. ONCE! And I am going on a cruise and will be embarassed to be seen in a bathing suit. Well, I won't let that stop me. I love the water and sun too much to stay away from it. But I am not going to make a point of parading myself around. Nosiree! I am mad at myself about this--but to be honest, I haven't had time to exercise with everything else going on in my life. I know that is everyone's excuse, but it is kind of true in my case. I probably won't have time to exercise until March, but then watch out! I will be an excercising fool.

Meanwhile, I need to figure out what would be the best exercise program for me. Looking at the site Exercises Training Programs I see a lot of different ones listed. I'll make my way down the list and see what they say about them. What appeals to me right off the bat is the Ultimate Leg, Hip, Thigh, Tummy and Butt makeover. But maybe I should stick to the Busy Woman Fitness E-book Workout Program, with my life craziness and all. The Anti-Aging Fitness Program also sounds important. They all sound good. But nothing is more important than just doing something. Which I will--in March!