Friday, July 23, 2010

Think New Furniture Is In My Future

I inherited my good bedroom suite from my grandmother, and I love it of course. I moved my old furniture into my guest room. It is comfortable, but not attractive like a lot of those bedroom sets out there. I am wanting to start looking for furniture for that room. I need a new bed, a desk and a dresser. Not sure what kind I will get. I might hold off for a little while to see my niece moves in with me. If she does, she might want to help pick out the furniture. I need to get my mind on domestic things like this. Housework, decorating, storage, etc. Turn on the domestic goddess inside of me! That would be a real magic trick to do that, I gurantee you. I would like to be more focused in that area of my life. I think if I were, other good things would follow: financial freedom, love, money travel. That may be wishing for too much, but you know what I mean. When your house is in order, good things will follow. And it would be in better order if I got some furniture that matched!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Next Season on Celebrity Rehag

I just noticed my typo in my headline, and I was going to fix it, but then thought no. It makes more sense to call Celebrity Rehab Celebrity Rehag. How appropo,

I have watched a season or two of Celebrity Rehab, and I like Dr. Drew, but I have to say the celebrities on that show are the biggest bunch of whiners. I'm not unsympathetic to addicts, and I know it must be hard, but they take entitlement to a whole new level. If they only knew how dumb they look on the show! I am sure they are going through alcohol withdrawal, Suboxone Withdrawal, maybe even heroin or cocain withdrawal. Who knows? I don't pay that much attention to why they are on the show. I don't keep up with their individual details. It is a little bit entertaining to watch. But all I can say is I am glad I am not them, and I am also glad I am not Dr. Drew.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Looking Younger

I am going to a seminar tonight about anti-aging and am looking forward to it. I used to be very up on what was what in the anti-aging arena, but then I went to law school and didn't keep up anymore. I am sure I will find out new information tonight. Some of the info will be the same, I am sure, such as antioxidants help with anti- aging, but there is bound to be new products and research. 

I have a friend who keeps talking about wanting a facelift. She is blond and plays tennis, and I think she got too much sun over the years. Her neck is a little wrinkly. My skin still looks pretty good, but I have been a fiend with using sunscreen. I don't know where she would get her facelift. She lives in a small town in Kentucky, and I doubt she would want to have it there because of the gossip. She has Texas ties, so she might have it there instead. Maybe seek out a plastic surgeon plano doctor or elsewhere. It is a big decision, and she needs to research it and think about it for a while before doing anything.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Need To Be Comfortable At Work

At my previous job, I had a very comfortable chair--so comfortable that sometimes (shhhh) I would close my office door and take a power nap. What they say about power naps is true--just shut your eyes for 20-30 minutes and let your brain shut off for a little while, and you will be refreshed. Sometimes I would feel so exhausted, in the afternoon, but after a little shuteyem leaning back, I would be like brand new.

In my current job, I don't have a private office. I share a work space with four other people. So no more power naps. But sometimes you still need to relax for a minute. I would love to lean back in a comfy chair to rest and reflect. You can get better ideas that way. My chair now has a low back--not so good for leaning back. I may investigate those Big And Tall Office Chairs that some people have. Maybe I'll get to go shopping for office furniture sometime soon. The other problem is there is a knob on my chair that connects the seat to the chairback, and it keeps coming unscrewed. If I am not careful, I could land on the floor. That would not be good.

Body Beautiful: Add Lemon To Your Water

I never really liked putting lemon in my water. I never saw the point, and the splash of lemon didn't add enough flavor to make it seem worthwhile, and I couldn't imagine that it would add any nutritional value. I recently read, however, that putting lemon in your ice water can rev up your metabolism by 30 percent. I now love putting lemon in my water!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jake And Vienna's Breakup

I have to admit that I love the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows. I don't know why--many people hate them, but I really like them. I guess I have had such trouble dating and finding my soulmate that I am intrigued by the mistakes and successes other have in dating.

Right now I am watching the update on Jake and Vienna's breakup. Even though I like Jake better than Vienna, it is not looking good for him right now. Maybe he needs someone to coach him on Sweet things to say to your girlfriend. Too bad--hate that things are so bad between them. She is saying that instead of working as a pilot, he is trying to start an acting career in L.A. And he hardly ever kisses her. And he has hardly talked at all with her parents. That would be difficult if you thought your marriage was going to be one thing and then it was something else. Sounds like she told some intimate details about their relationship to the press. And got paid for it. I missed that issue.

And he was on Dancing With The Stars? I missed that too.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fourth of July: Let The Fun Begin

I am a holiday nut--there is no holiday I don't like. Everyday could be a holiday as far as I am concerned. But 4th of July is particularly fun, I think. One reason is it is in the heart of the summer, and usually there is some form of swimming, boating, fishing, skiing, or the like. And the food! Mostly junk food of course: hots and hamburgers. Brownies, etc. It is one day that we can eat junk food without feeling guilty. And the beer! I am mostly a wine drinker, but once in a while like beer, and I really like the different and new kinds of beer. I am amazed when I go to the grocery store and see the vast array of beers: all of the honey wheats, which I love, the Japanese beers, which I love, the old standbys like Rolling Rock, which I love, Pacifico Webtrek, and the list goes on and on. Used to be you had basic beer choices like Miller, Bud, Michelob, either high test or light. Now, there are almost as many beers as wines. I can see why beer tasting has become an event now. Plenty of new versions to try. I have never been to a beer tasting, but I would like to do that at some point. I might be surprised at what all is out there to try.

Repeat After Me: I Am Sexy, I Am Sexy, I Am Sexy

These words are really directed at me. I am telling myself to do this. I haven't been feeling too sexy for a while. Too much in my head. Too much looking in the mirror. Ouch. But I used to be sexy, and I used to feel sexy. The first step in getting where you want to be is to behave AS IF. So, I am Sexy, I am Sexy, I am Sexy.