Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Know Who's Calling

One bad thing about online dating is the amount of phone numbers you amass. Many people want to talk on the phone, even before meeting you. (This is not my preference. I like to meet first.) But you end up with all of these phone numbers. And they have yours. Granted, most of them fall off, and you never hear from them again. But it is unsettling that strangers have your number. It used to be that you could not look up cell phone numbers, but that is not the case anymore. Reverse Phone Lookups will let you plug in a phone number and see who is registered to that number. That is so great! Now, rather than ignoring a call just because I don't know who called, or having to call that number back to find out, I can do a reverse phone lookup. And you can also sign up for the National No Call Registry. I have done that and am enjoying the peace and quiet. Nothing worse than getting a sales call at an inopportune time. And most times are inopportune times.

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