Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Fascination With Mickey Rourke

I remember years ago when a co-worker and I talked about how sexy Mickey Rourke was. Sexy in almost a creepy way. If you don't know what I mean, watch Six and a Half Weeks. Yowzer.

But now, it seems like Rourke would be anything but sexy. I never understood why he left his acting career to become a boxer. Wierd! But I have heard that he was too difficult to work with as an actor. Then, I guess his face was beaten up with boxing, in addition to aging. Apparently he had some bad plastic surgery, which he denies. But whatever, he just looks bad. But it is hard to turn away--like it is hard not to look at a car wreck. But there is still something very compelling about Mickey Rourke. I just can't name what it is.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Body Beautiful: Keep Your Figure and Style

I read an article online the other day that talked about the two things men care most about their dates: As you get older, keep your figure and style. The article said that men care more about this than weight or wrinkles. I can see that, but I have trouble thinking that men don't care about all of it. But I have read in various places that men like thin women, and that is more important to be thin than pretty. Again, I feel that men want it all. I have an advantage in that men do think I am attractive. I just don't always keep in shape like I should. But I am working on that now.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hydroderm Finally Comes Through!

About six months ago, I feel victim to one of those emails that offered me a free trial of Hydroderm. I had heard about it, and I am always looking for good skincare products, so I clicked on the email. Just as I was about to click off, an online chat window popped up with a live attendant.

Don't you want this product, she asked? Yes, I did, I said, but you have to answer some questions first. Like, are you going to charge me anything during the free trial? Do I get to keep the product even if I cancel?

We went a couple of rounds, and she didn't answer the questions. Finally, she typed abruptly: People really like this product. I succumbed and signed up for the free trial. I got my package about a week later and started using it. It actually is a really great product. I could see the difference in my skin. Even some people at law school told me my skin was really looking good, and they didn't know I was using the product.

All went well--I was shelling out my $69.99 every two months, and then suddenly the product stopped coming. At least they weren't charging me for it. I kept calling the 800 number and had to wait each time more than 30 minutes to talk with a representative. They said their system was down. This went on for weeks! I finally called last week and told them to cancel my subscription. Even though I loved the product, I wanted out of their database, so I could try to find it elsewhere. They said OK.

Well, low and behold, I got home yesterday, and there was the package outside my door. So my skin will still be beautiful. I am happy now.

Obesity Is a Killer

I have 3 friends who are morbidly obese. I probably have more, but there are three I am thinking about. They are not bedridden or anything, like those people you see on TV who can't leave their homes. But they are in that place where if they are not careful, they could end up that way too. I feel so bad for them. I know it must feel hopeless to have that much weight on you. And anything you try doesn't work much. I know they could try obesity surgery. It seems like a great option. At least one of these friends has looked into it, but her insurance wouldn't cover it. Maybe the new administration can help with making insurance better for situations like this.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Body Beautiful: Vanderbilt University Says Laughing Helps Burn Calories

I was reading today when I saw an interesting tidbit: My alma mater Vanderbilt University says that adding laughter to whatever activity you are doing will burn 20 percent more calories. Make me smile!