Sunday, March 30, 2008

Plastics Recycling Is Important

Remember the movie The Graduate? And the best line from the movie--when a family friend leans over to the character played by Dustin Hoffman and says to him, "Let me just tell you one word: plastics." That was great. It was a funny line and indicative of how the plastics industry was growing at that time. Nowadays, the plastics recycling program is also growing in a very healthy way.

I am glad to hear this, because I am afraid with school I have slacked off in my recycling efforts. We also don't have our curbside program anymore. I know there are some neighborhood collection sites, so I will have to resume my recycling by taking my plastic items there.

Apparently part of the growth in plastics recycling is coming through corporations and their purchasing preference policies, and the number of end uses for recycled plastics is also increasing, which adds to the demand. HDPE Granules are used in many packaging applications (snack food wrappers, cereal box liners, and margarine tubs) and are an easy and a popular item to recycle.

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