Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Good Computer Hosting Essential

When you are a non-techie like me, you rely on those who are techies to help you through the rough spots. With this blog, I don't have to worry about hosting, because blogger does it for me. However, a friend and I are talking about starting a Website this summer that will make money for us. We will combine our two sets of expertise in a Website that can be of use to people. So with that one, we will want to have a class A design, have all kinds of pages and links, and probably keep adding to it as we discover more benefits we can provide our readers. That is going to be a case where we will need a good Web host. You want a Web host that is on top of things, so that the server isn't always down, or that you don't get your email, etc. That would be the death of a Website! If someone comes to your site, and it is not there, or you don't answer their inquires, they probably will not return.

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