Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Facial Destiny

I took a quiz the other day where you were supposed to pick out which man is interested in just a fling and which one is interested in a relationship just by looking at photos of their faces. You could also do the same with pictures of women. I guessed the one with women right. But not the one with the men. Isn't that wierd? Is that my problem? I can't tell which men are which? They said the men with the more masculine features would be more interested in just a fling. Well, duh, I guess. But the photos in the quiz were of the same man--just one was slightly machoed up a little. But not enough for me to really tell which one was the more masculine. Maybe my radar is off a little on that one? And is that why I attract the wrong type? The gist of the article, however, was that those who were more attractive, of either gender, had more chances at flings. Never would have guessed that!

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