Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hydroderm Finally Comes Through!

About six months ago, I feel victim to one of those emails that offered me a free trial of Hydroderm. I had heard about it, and I am always looking for good skincare products, so I clicked on the email. Just as I was about to click off, an online chat window popped up with a live attendant.

Don't you want this product, she asked? Yes, I did, I said, but you have to answer some questions first. Like, are you going to charge me anything during the free trial? Do I get to keep the product even if I cancel?

We went a couple of rounds, and she didn't answer the questions. Finally, she typed abruptly: People really like this product. I succumbed and signed up for the free trial. I got my package about a week later and started using it. It actually is a really great product. I could see the difference in my skin. Even some people at law school told me my skin was really looking good, and they didn't know I was using the product.

All went well--I was shelling out my $69.99 every two months, and then suddenly the product stopped coming. At least they weren't charging me for it. I kept calling the 800 number and had to wait each time more than 30 minutes to talk with a representative. They said their system was down. This went on for weeks! I finally called last week and told them to cancel my subscription. Even though I loved the product, I wanted out of their database, so I could try to find it elsewhere. They said OK.

Well, low and behold, I got home yesterday, and there was the package outside my door. So my skin will still be beautiful. I am happy now.

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