Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Help For Transferring Files

I don't know how many times a day we have trouble transferring a file at work. Granted, we have some of the older type computer equipment and such. But it has been hard. Occasionally, one of our clients has even mentioned that they might have to go elsewhere, if transferring files continues to be such a problem. That is never good. We need to be better at this if we want to keep our clients and grow our business. There is some new file tranfer software that makes this task much easier. I am going to suggest that we look into it. It is time that we upgrade and add to our equipment. This is not the time to get behind in something like this. Especially in our business.

Should I Mac or Windows?

I really love blogging and am planning to do more in the way of blogs and websites. I will need to get a new computer soon and have some major thinking to do. I started off with a Mac. Then our whole workplace switched to Windows. Except for a couple of our designers who kept the Macs. And that is when all the trouble started. You know--the hardship when you go between the two. So now I am used to Windows. But the Macs are so neat. And if I get one but have to work with people who have the other, what am I to do? Especially since I am working on my own now and don't have a whole IT crew at my fingertips like I used to. I may try to find solutions at appletalk problems. There is some software that lets you go back and forth with ease. That is what we should have had all along. Why do computer people make these so hard?