Monday, May 12, 2008

111 Posts

I just noticed when I logged on that I had 111 posts. That is lucky, according to The Secret. (1111 may be luckier--I am not sure.) When you notice such numbers, it means the angels are looking at you. I am not saying this right, but I find it lovely. When you notice such numbers, it is as if a snapshot is being taken of your life. So what you are hoping for, you will get. Like attracts like. The Laws of Attraction.

Here is what I am attracting at this moment:

I and my family have great health.
My love is making his way towards me.
The love of my life is coming towards me and we will marry.
I have more money than I need.
My life is full of abundance.
I am going to pass the bar exam with flying colors.
The law profession will find me a valuable asset to its ranks.
I have more friends than I need and I am never lonely.
I continually attract interesting people into my life.
I have an interesting life.
People want to know me.

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