Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jake And Vienna's Breakup

I have to admit that I love the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows. I don't know why--many people hate them, but I really like them. I guess I have had such trouble dating and finding my soulmate that I am intrigued by the mistakes and successes other have in dating.

Right now I am watching the update on Jake and Vienna's breakup. Even though I like Jake better than Vienna, it is not looking good for him right now. Maybe he needs someone to coach him on Sweet things to say to your girlfriend. Too bad--hate that things are so bad between them. She is saying that instead of working as a pilot, he is trying to start an acting career in L.A. And he hardly ever kisses her. And he has hardly talked at all with her parents. That would be difficult if you thought your marriage was going to be one thing and then it was something else. Sounds like she told some intimate details about their relationship to the press. And got paid for it. I missed that issue.

And he was on Dancing With The Stars? I missed that too.

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