Thursday, November 4, 2010

Looking For New Furniture

I am starting to look out for new dining room furniture and maybe even some new bedroom furniture for my guest room. My dining room table was fantastic when I bought it, but now seems a little dated. I would like to get one of those new dark cafe table and chair sets. Very neat!

For the guest bedroom, not sure what to get. Right now, it is kind of mishmash of things. Early career eclectic. It is time to get something new. I have heard of rustic bedroom furniture--might check that out. I just need to go online and look and also visit some furniture stores and see what I like. My niece may come live with me at some point, and I need to think of what she might like. Also, what would be comfortable for guests. I would like to have more guests visit. At least now I have a little disposable income that I can use at some point to buy something. It will be fun to shop. Then at some point, I need a new sofa too. Good times!

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