Monday, April 26, 2010

POF Guy #1

Ok, I met this one guy from Plenty of Fish. We have a friend in common--we knew that before we got together. We both like this friend, but neither of us have seen him in ages. But at least, that gave us a little common ground.

He chose a nice place for us to go. It was a comedy club, and we were going to have dinner there beforehand. He was nicer looking in person, which is a nice change. And we both like comedy, which i sa good start.

But the bad part is he hasn't worked in years--been on disability. That by itself doesn't bother me. But I am so active, so ambitious, that dating someone with severe depression may not work for me. Plus, he is in a totally different religion from me, and that could be problemmatic. And he still has too many ties to his last girlfriend. So, all in all, this is a "next."

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