Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Next Season on Celebrity Rehag

I just noticed my typo in my headline, and I was going to fix it, but then thought no. It makes more sense to call Celebrity Rehab Celebrity Rehag. How appropo,

I have watched a season or two of Celebrity Rehab, and I like Dr. Drew, but I have to say the celebrities on that show are the biggest bunch of whiners. I'm not unsympathetic to addicts, and I know it must be hard, but they take entitlement to a whole new level. If they only knew how dumb they look on the show! I am sure they are going through alcohol withdrawal, Suboxone Withdrawal, maybe even heroin or cocain withdrawal. Who knows? I don't pay that much attention to why they are on the show. I don't keep up with their individual details. It is a little bit entertaining to watch. But all I can say is I am glad I am not them, and I am also glad I am not Dr. Drew.

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