Friday, May 14, 2010

I Need Some Really Good, Really Cool Sunglasses

I don't wear rain coats, and I don't carry umbrellas. I don't like to wear winter coats, and I usually don't wear Sunglasses. Get the picture? I tend not to bother with anything that is a bother.

However, I am rethinking sunglasses. There are a lot of cool pairs out there, and they make you look good. They are also good for your eyes. I didn't realize until recently that you can do damage to your eyes by being out in the sunlight without sunglasses. So I am going to go shopping soon. I think some Raybans are in order. Definitely something leopard to go with all of my animal print clothes. I am going to be at the pool a lot this summer, and probably doing some reading out in the sun, so I definitely need some sunglasses that cut out glare and all the UVA, UVB stuff too.

Here's to looking good and eye health too!

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