Monday, March 29, 2010

How To Find Inexpensive Nice Looking Glasses

I am the type of person that has to try on every pair of eyeglasses in the store before I buy a new pair. Sometimes two or three times. Then I fret. Do I really like these frames or not? It is a painful process, because I have never felt like I looked good in glasses. It goes back to grade school you know. All glasses looked awful back then. And then I discovered contact lenses, and my life changed forever. But you can't wear contacts all the time. It's not good for your eyes.

So a few years back, I started looking at glasses that I could actually wear out in the day of light and not feel embarrassed. The frames had become much more attractive, and I found a couple of them that I could tolerate. And then I lost one pair. Uh oh! I really need two pairs, as sometimes I can't find one for a while, but then discover them under a pile of dirty clothes or junk mail. This time I think my second pair is gone for good, however, so I need to bite the bullet and buy another one.

I read an article about Zenni Optical that says you can buy good glasses online for as little as $8! Wow--that would be great, as I have had to take a cut in pay and every little bit helps. Still need to get a prescription, but I need to do that anyway. I can't try the frames on obviously, but maybe I could try a few on in the store, to see what looks good on me and then buy one from this website?? Or maybe I can just get over my hangup about me in glasses and go for it.

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