Thursday, September 2, 2010

Lasik Surgery

I am blind as a bat and have been so since a child. I would seriously be impaired if I did not have my glasses or contacts. I have thought about lasik surgery before. I think I would be a good candidate, but I have held off. A few friends of mine have gotten it and really like it, but one friend did not have a good outcome. It wasn't terrible, but he is unhappy about it. My other friends really liked it though. They feel freed of not being able to see, or having to wear contacts and glasses all of the time.

I am thinking about it again, because I just got back from vacation. The friend I went with had it done last year, and loves it. She almost has me convinced. It's been a few years since I investigated it, so I am going to start researching the topic again. I am going to look at a lot of lasik sites--maybe this one too.

I am leaning towards not getting the surgery, but who knows?

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