Sunday, July 18, 2010

Need To Be Comfortable At Work

At my previous job, I had a very comfortable chair--so comfortable that sometimes (shhhh) I would close my office door and take a power nap. What they say about power naps is true--just shut your eyes for 20-30 minutes and let your brain shut off for a little while, and you will be refreshed. Sometimes I would feel so exhausted, in the afternoon, but after a little shuteyem leaning back, I would be like brand new.

In my current job, I don't have a private office. I share a work space with four other people. So no more power naps. But sometimes you still need to relax for a minute. I would love to lean back in a comfy chair to rest and reflect. You can get better ideas that way. My chair now has a low back--not so good for leaning back. I may investigate those Big And Tall Office Chairs that some people have. Maybe I'll get to go shopping for office furniture sometime soon. The other problem is there is a knob on my chair that connects the seat to the chairback, and it keeps coming unscrewed. If I am not careful, I could land on the floor. That would not be good.

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