Friday, July 23, 2010

Think New Furniture Is In My Future

I inherited my good bedroom suite from my grandmother, and I love it of course. I moved my old furniture into my guest room. It is comfortable, but not attractive like a lot of those bedroom sets out there. I am wanting to start looking for furniture for that room. I need a new bed, a desk and a dresser. Not sure what kind I will get. I might hold off for a little while to see my niece moves in with me. If she does, she might want to help pick out the furniture. I need to get my mind on domestic things like this. Housework, decorating, storage, etc. Turn on the domestic goddess inside of me! That would be a real magic trick to do that, I gurantee you. I would like to be more focused in that area of my life. I think if I were, other good things would follow: financial freedom, love, money travel. That may be wishing for too much, but you know what I mean. When your house is in order, good things will follow. And it would be in better order if I got some furniture that matched!

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