Friday, June 25, 2010

Updating My Condo

I am in the mood to update my condo, and I need to do so to get it ready for the time that I rent it out. That wiol probably be a long time off, but still I need to think ahead. I need to get some new furniture, some snazzy furniture, maybe some eco friendly furniture. That would fit in with my style. But first, I need to do some repairs--replace one of my toilets, get a new dishwasher, add shelving to my laundry room. After I get those things done--hopefully by the end of the year--maybe then I can switch my focus to furniture. I need a new dining table and chairs, a new desk or dresser for my guest room (can't decide which); there is limited room in there. Also need a new sofa, but I guess that can wait for a while. I am going to get the cushions recovered on my chairs in the living room, rather than getting new chairs, so that will save me some money.

But most of all, I need to stay on top of my housework. I am so busy, I let it slide. I should get a housekeeper, but haven't gotten my head around that yet.

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