Monday, August 30, 2010

Doggie And Kittie Rug Accidents

I have a dog and two cats. The cats are pretty good about going to the bathroom in the litter box, and my dog is actually good at holding his pee-pee until we go outside. But once in a while, he is not so good. Like this morning. I am sure it is my fault for not taking him out later last night. But many nights, he is fine and doesn't have an accident on the carpet. But then, this morning he did. I can't tell what makes the difference. He seems to eat and drink about the same every day. I am trying to be a better housekeeper, and one of the things I need to do is get new carpeting anyway. Between the dog and cats, it is worn out. I can't do that until after the first of the year. So until then, I need to make it look and smell as good as possible. I need to look into one of those pet Odor Eliminators. That will be be a good start to a fresher house.

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