Monday, July 19, 2010

Looking Younger

I am going to a seminar tonight about anti-aging and am looking forward to it. I used to be very up on what was what in the anti-aging arena, but then I went to law school and didn't keep up anymore. I am sure I will find out new information tonight. Some of the info will be the same, I am sure, such as antioxidants help with anti- aging, but there is bound to be new products and research. 

I have a friend who keeps talking about wanting a facelift. She is blond and plays tennis, and I think she got too much sun over the years. Her neck is a little wrinkly. My skin still looks pretty good, but I have been a fiend with using sunscreen. I don't know where she would get her facelift. She lives in a small town in Kentucky, and I doubt she would want to have it there because of the gossip. She has Texas ties, so she might have it there instead. Maybe seek out a plastic surgeon plano doctor or elsewhere. It is a big decision, and she needs to research it and think about it for a while before doing anything.

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