Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Online Dating in Class

People get restless in class, and although we should be sitting there rapt by the black letter law, sometimes it just can't be done. Our building is wireless and many people have laptops, so the inevitable happens: People surf the net.

I am guilty. Sometimes I just have to check my email or one of my favorite Websites. But I refuse to go to an online dating site during class. The main reason being that people behind me would see me doing it. And I couldn't bear the snickers. I know, because people in front of me have done this, and I have been guilty about gossiping about it. Just the other night, a woman was emailing people on an online dating site and several people were aware of this and razzed her about it later on. But she is one of the top people in our class, and I guess she can do what she wants! She probably already knows all of the material!

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