Monday, March 10, 2008

Blogging is Delightful!

I am sitting here in my jammies, all bleary eyed from class and not getting enough sleep. It is tough to work full time and also to be in law school full time. But I am doing it and loving it. Most of the time. Right now I could use some sleep.

So why am I writing in my blog rather than getting some Zs? I have discovered blogging and love it. I just can't stay away from my laptop and now my blog! It has become almost like a friend.

And now it is going to help me earn money! I am so excited. I work full time and make a fairly good salary, but school and all of its trappings is expensive. I will be taking the bar exam (hopefully) in July and while I am doing the bar review beforehand, I will have reduced work hours (and will not be working at all during the couple of weeks before the exam) so I could use some extra money to tide me over during that time. That is pretty much as far ahead as I am looking. But after the bar exam, I would like to use the extra money to shore up my emergency fund and then to start a fund for a downpayment on a house.

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