Monday, March 3, 2008

FaveGuy Reappears

Here was a big surprise. The first man I met on was FaveGuy. Fell head over heels with him. Smart, cute, funny. He had it all. And oh yeah, was kind of a user and irresponsible. I couldn't believe it. He really wasn't the man I fell for. (That is one of the dangers of online dating, or really dating in general--you think someone is one way and fall for them, only to find out they are not that way at all!)

I would get mad and we would have words. He would always know what to say. He moved away. I was glad. Out of sight, out of mind. Put it all behind me.

I have been doing The Secret, aka, the Laws of Attraction. One of the things I have been willing my way is my love, my soulmate, my future husband.

Who contacts me? FaveGuy. Says he might be moving back to town and if he did, would I see him?

I should have said no. I should have ignored his email. But I said yes. Maybe I am really stupid. But there has been enough distance, time and geographic wise, that I think I can see him more as a friend. At least I won't get caught up in it again. At least maybe thinking he will be moving back to town will inspire me to finally lose the weight I need to lose.

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