Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Waiting Game

On, I am now emailing back and forth with a few people who seem to be good prospects. The problem is: what next? The last time I did, I did meet quite a few people in person, even found one guy I was crazy about, but most people just seem to like to email.

Sorry, but I do not have time for that. I do not need penpals! I know this is a complaint of many women doing online dating--that men just seem to want a cyber relationship.

Hopefully not this time around. But the first man who contacted me and seems to be a good match, has not emailed back in a few days. hmmmmm???? I will not email him again until I hear back. This is one of the hard parts--waiting to see if they really materialize.

I have had too many of those situations in my life when people didn't materialize, and I am not going to spend any more time on them. Once I figure out they are holding back for some reason, I will "next" them.

My biggest example of this is when I was doing online dating last time. A man from my hometown area in PA contacted me, not knowing I was also from that area. We had a nice correspondence for quite a while. I told him that it might surprise him to know that I was also from that area, and I was planning a trip up there in a few weeks to visit my relatives. Well, suddenly this man had a "sick mother" in NJ and wasn't going to be able to meet me. I never heard from him again. What gives?????? Friends have told me he was either really married or weighed 500 pounds or something like that and couldn't meet. That is probably why he picked me out to begin with--I am 700 miles from where he is and he couldn't have known I had ties to his town!

What is a girl supposed to do!!???

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