Saturday, September 8, 2007

Emailing Me to Death

A man from my past reappeared about a year ago. In college, he sent me anonymous love notes and then flirted with me, and it was fun. I didn't take it very seriously, because I didn't know him at the time, and I had other things on my mind. We went out once, but I felt a little awkward, because I thought he was wilder than me, so I kind of kept a little distance. We floated away from each other, and I don't even remember seeing him that much during the remaining years of college.

I did run into him at a party about 7 years later and he looked so together, I was sorry I didn't try harder in college to get to know him. But at that time, he was married and had a baby.

Zoom up to last year. I saw im at a restaurant and thought I would say something to him. He was happy to see me, and we exchanged email addresses. He is now divorced.

Long story short, he emails me all the time, but that is it. No effort to try to see me. I have mentioned several times--why don't we meet for a glass of wine or coffee? He'll say yes, send me some good times. I have done that, and there is no follow up.

I am so discouraged about this. There must be some reason he is not following through. He will say there is so much about me he wants to know, but takes no steps.

I am tempted to stop answering his emails. They are starting to annoy me.

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