Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A New Lobster in the Pot

I have a new lobster, or lobbie, as women call online prospects. One of the first guys who have contacted me might actually be a good prospect. He is within my age range, has my political leanings (left), has a graduate degree like I do, and is interested in community and environmental work.

He winked at me first, and I winked back. (This is death according to The Rules. I only do Rules light, so I am not strict with prototcol. Winks, they say are a no-no.)

But despite my winking back, he has stepped up to emailing me. And I have emailed back. Now he wants to use real email addresses and he is canceling his match membership. I doubt this is because of me though--he is probably using a trial membership or is at the end of a month and doesn't want to renew.

I am happy that he contacted me, and hope that it will progress to meeting. He seems very nice. More updates later!

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